The THING that Should Not Be

It’s April and that means we’re 1/3 of the way through the year. Someone please tell me how that happened? I am pretty sure it was about a week ago we were celebrating Christmas. A month tops and definitely not over three months ago. This entire year I’ve written around 89 blog posts in my head. I swear I was going to write them out …soon… Instead I didn’t even get to do an April Fool’s joke. I’ve had a few of you fooled before so it bums me out that it’s came and gone without my even noticing it.

So.. what’s been going on in Jack n’ Tracie’s world? Hm. I think the question is, what hasn’t been going on?

Some tidbits:

  • Kevin’s choir ensemble got to go on tour all the way to San Francisco where they won every competition they entered, and came home with eight trophies.
  • Cody just turned 8! He recently joined the chess club at school and seems to love it.
  • Little miss H. continues to thrive and is enjoying kindergarten. She’s continuously a ball of energy!
  • Kay is home now and working at Cold Stone Creamery. She’s discovered you can get sick of ice cream.
  • Jack’s work continues to keep them in limbo. I haven’t posted much here on what’s been going on there, so I’ll just say that it’s very likely his employer will change again while keeping the same job at the same location. Fun stuff. (not)
  • Casey is doing awesome in school and loving his teacher. Such a change from a few short years ago when he was struggling. The last two years he’s had some great teachers who seem to get him and it’s made a world of difference.

As for the title of this post: Two weeks ago I discovered a ‘thing’ that shouldn’t be there (in my left breast). Since my mother and sister are both breast cancer survivors, naturally this is a concern for me. See also My Sister, the Survivor, and My Sister for a bit of history on that.

I had a doc appt Tuesday to confirm there was something, a THING, and my doctor ordered a mammogram and an ultrasound. He told me Tuesday that regardless of the results of the tests, we’d probably have whatever it is (THING) taken out.

The mammogram didn’t show much but the ultrasound showed that I have I dilated duct with a possible tumor inside of it. The radiologist used the words, “growth, cyst, or tumor”. So.. who knows. I’m being referred to a surgeon. He mentioned stuff about dyes and x-rays and I just kinda nodded all the while trying to figure out if he was really concerned? Or just downplaying things? Or… WHAT?!?

Jack started rambling to the radiologist about a clogged gland he had one time and how annoying it was so after a while he just decided to get it removed. The three of us, me, the radiologist, and the ultrasound tech just blinked at him.

I was like, “wtf are you rambling on about that for?” But I was nice and saved that question for after everyone else left the room. I could tell what the radiologist was thinking though: “dude, we’re talking about a possible tumor in your wife’s breast and you’re rambling on about clogged oil glands??”

When they left the room, the ultrasound tech said to me, “it’s a really good thing you came to see us!” I was like, “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” but I think all I got out was an awkward little laugh.

I still needed to get to the bottom of the whole clogged oil gland thing though, so the second they were out of the room I turned to Jack and asked him, “What was THAT about?? Why? Jack? Why?”

Jack explained his point was he’d rather just get whatever it is, this THING that should not be, taken out. His little clogged gland was a source of frustration and discomfort so why keep something like that around? In other words, he was saying this THING doesn’t scare us, but it’s not going to be allowed to take up residence. It doesn’t belong. IT’S NOT WELCOME HERE! We WILL nip this thing in the bud! (Yes, the very bad pun was intended.) đŸ˜‰

I’m sure it’s going to be nothing. But I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been freaked out since Tuesday. It was one thing to be all: “hmm… there’s this THING that kinda hurts and is kinda annoying, and kinda shouldn’t be there, but it’s probably nothing” to “yep, there’s something there and it’s a concern” from all the professionals. Especially with the family history.

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