How to entertain your puppy for hours

When the kids fed the dogs this morning, Lil Miss accidentally dropped one of the bowls and dog food went flying everywhere. She got all she could picked up before she had to get on the bus for school.

Mia discovered some under the stove.

How to Entertain your Puppy

She discovered if she works hard enough, her efforts will be rewarded.

How to Entertain your Puppy

She’s been doing this on and off for HOURS today.

How to Entertain your Puppy

I’ve never seen her more focused, more determined. 😀

I don't have many words right now

How about some photos instead?

Emo Kevin
Did you know Kevin was Emo now?

Emo Kevin
You didn’t? Looks pretty emo to me.

Emo Kevin
He’s a rock star now too.

Emo Kevin
So maybe it was just for a play at school, but I think he pulls off the emo rock star thing quite well.

Cody's Birthday 2009
We celebrated a birthday in March. Guess who didn’t like his present at all?

Cody's Birthday 2009
He didn’t like this one much either. And can you believe someone thought to give one of these children yet another nerf dart gun? I mean. Really?!? Did a certain you-know-who, whom shall rename nameless (hint: rhymes with “cleric” even though he’s far FAR from holy) think we really needed ONE more nerf dart gun? (Another hint: he’s standing behind Cody in the above picture). Please ignore the spaghetti dinner mess in the background. I promise it was cleaned up as soon as I put down the camera.

Cody's Birthday 2009
There was a pinata. Not just any pinata. A Darth Vader pinata. And judging from the little dude in the background, possibly an airplane race occurred?

Cody's Birthday 2009
I have no idea how this got in here. I am not even sure I know what it is. Maybe I should be afraid?

And finally I leave you with this rare sighting:
Dear Sun,

Oh how I’ve missed thee. Please stick around longer than a day or two. Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?


P.S. The rest of the photos I uploaded today are located here.

The Arsenal

There’s been some questions about how much I really did exaggerate in my post yesterday, War has been declared. I offer you some evidence in the form of photos. After viewing the evidence, you can judge for yourself just how much truth bending occurred yesterday.

Here’s your first photo evidence. This is only part of their arsenal. See the books? I’d like to think my kids are super interested in their education, but those big heavy books make great anchors for their blanket/clothing forts. Also, if you look closely, you’ll catch a glimpse of our youngest soldier.

Nerf Dart Gun Arsenal, that includes the Machine Gun (aka The Vulcan)

Nerf Dart Gun Arsenal, that includes the "Machine Gun" (aka The Vulcan)

While not pictured, Kayla was the target.

Shooting Kayla as she arrived

Shooting Kayla as she arrived

This machine gun is almost as big as Cody.

This "machine gun" is almost as big as Cody.

Note the man on the floor, the dart sticking out of his forehead, the ottoman on its side, the blanket over the couch and ottoman, and the pile of blankets and pillows on the floor.

Note the man on the floor, the dart sticking out of his forehead, the ottoman on its side, the blanket over the couch and ottoman, and the pile of blankets and pillows on the floor.

I rest my case.

War has been declared

Nerf Darts... EVERYWHERE! It all started here.

The younger boys exchanged their helicopters for nerf dart guns and it’s been WAR ever since.

One of the older boys decided he needed to get a nerf dart gun. Then the other older boy decided he needed one too, then another, then a nerf dart machine gun. THEN. The oldest boy (aka Jack, aka the father of all these boys) needed one too.

Furniture is being re-arranged. Darts fly across the house constantly. I find nerf darts in the sink, on my desk, in the heater vents, in our food, in the pantry, laundry room, kitchen, dining room, and stuck to any surface a nerf dart will stick. We have small nerf darts, and big nerf darts, and glow in the dark nerf darts.

The girls in this house? Well, all the boys managed to corrupt the youngest one so she’s joined their war, while Sissa and I just put up with it the best we can. Sure we can’t watch TV from the comfort of our couch because 9 times out of 10 the couch cushions are missing since they make great barricades. It wouldn’t matter anyway since there’s likely 58 darts stuck to the TV screen. Sometimes in patterns.

In my house, it’s now quite common to find a boy, or girl, or two boys and a fully grown man dramatically crawling across the carpet, combat style, telling everyone else to shush, while somewhere else in the house you’ll hear someone scream, “YOU’RE DEAD!! I SHOT YOU FAIR AND SQUARE! (…not in the face mom…)”.

If you want to visit us from now on, I must warn you: Come fully armored. You’ll likely be greeted by 67 nerf darts flying at you from all directions and the words, “Darn I thought you were dad” the second the door is opened.

If you don’t have good balance and quick reflexes, I advise you to not come over at all. In order to navigate my house, you must be ready to dodge while navigating chairs and any movable hard surface with pillows, blankets, and possible large clothing items covering them, most times blocking the entrance to, well… anywhere. That includes the bathroom. So make sure you “go” before you come over.

OK. Fine. I *might* be exaggerating. But only a little.

I have a confession to make…

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It… the taste of her cherry chapstick…

WHY oh WHY do I have to like this song? And why does it get stuck in my head for hours and hours on end? The lyrics… oh so silly. It’s SOOOOOO corny and something I totally do not relate to (no offense to my girlfriends, lol). Yet when it comes on I turn up the radio and sing along. It’s kind of embarrassing.

Then it hit me. I can’t NOT like this song. It’s going to forever be associated with an awesome memory. In all it’s corniness and stupidity, I will always associate this song with fun times.

When we were in California we rented a limo at the suggestion of our hotel receptionist to transport us to Medieval Times. (Amazingly it was the cheapest way to get nine people 30 miles away from our hotel in SoCal.) For most of our kids it was the first time in a limousine. It was a very fancy limo with lights all over the inside, free drinks, DVD player, and an awesome stereo. As I was messing with the stereo this song came on and the kids made me stop and turn it up. So I obliged and all of them (the older ones at least) sang this whole song in unity while dancing in their seats, etc. They had such a blast being all cool in the limo, singing this song.

So, that’s my confession. I like this song. Please don’t hate me.

Bullet Sunday #16

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Bullet Sunday and there’s so much random stuff going on I figured it was fitting to do one today.

  • Last weekend the sun was shining, it was close to 80 degrees outside and we had a BBQ. This weekend we’re taking pictures of the snow that fell. SNOW. In April. This just isn’t right. It wasn’t a lot of snow and it’s gone now but still. Snow? In April? Unheard of around here.

    Snow that fell April 19, 2008

  • Today’s the day we get to go to JCPenney and to have them correct their mistake. I have to quote Jeff in the comments on that post because he gave an awesome suggestion for how to handle it:

    Jeff on April 20th, 2008 at 7:29 am

    (((RING))) (((RING))) (((RING)))

    Tracie: “Hello, Store Manager? Yes, I’d like you to send someone out to the house to finish the job that your sales clerk didn’t.”

    Store Manager: “Well, Ma’am, I don’t think I can do that.”

    Tracie: “I’ll come to you, then. I’ll be the one with the flock of kids running wild up & down your aisles of nice, light-colored, ladies springtime outfits with triple-scoop chocolate ice cream cones.”

    My kids are usually well-behaved in stores. (I say usually because sometimes when their dad is with them they are less well-behaved because he’s a big dopey kid himself who doesn’t see anything wrong with running up and down the aisles.) But in this case, I think Jeff’s idea is a good one. Don’t you?

  • Today is also the day we will finally replace the stupid vertical blinds that plague our back patio door. I can’t stand them anymore. Though I do think I’ll be in for disappointment. I’m pretty sure the curtain I want will have to be ordered. *sigh* I also want to look at installing some motion sensor lights for our driveway. Our old house had them and I miss being able to turn off the porch light but still have those come on when we came home or when someone comes over.
  • I haven’t updated on my health lately so here’s quickie: I’m doing OK with the Diabetes and my BG levels are pretty under control. I have a doc appointment coming up soon’ish and I’ll find out how my cholesterol levels are. I know he’s going to want to put me back on the Lovastatin and I’m not looking forward to that battle with him. Weight-wise I’m still stuck in the same rut (lost 50 pounds, gained back 10 and have plateaued).
  • I changed up the site design here at a bit. The basic template is the same but I’ve taken out the colors on the sidebars and changed up the fonts a bit. I also created a graphical logo for the header and a favicon. I think this is easier on the eyes and a bit less busy. What do you think?
  • Who watched Battlestar Galactica? I don’t want to say much … but OMG! Just.. OMG! What a totally messed up episode. OMG! … lol

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Several fooled – two not


There could have been more fooled (like those who didn’t comment) but of the ones who commented either via email or in the comment section of yesterday’s post, several of you were completely fooled, one not fooled at all, and one questioning.

For the record, I am NOT (I repeat: NOT!!!!!) pregnant. It was a joke. My apologies to those who almost fainted. 🙂 Even if I wanted to be pregnant (which I don’t, believe me), my poor diabetic and abused body couldn’t handle it. Not right now. And not ever again. We have been officially done making babies for a long long time now. My “baby” is now seven years old and I believe we have brought enough children into this world. 😉

My little prank gave poor Jack a heart attack. He was completely fooled, totally wigging out, and practically looking for any cheap flights out of town! I can’t really blame him. He had a vasectomy almost seven years ago so he had a few reasons to be concerned. 😉 Sorry honey!

I don’t think I’ve gotten anyone that good since this Big News post four years ago (posted on April 1st, of course) that had several calling us in a panic.

What??? Montana?? NOOOOOO!


There were so many good pranks going around yesterday I just had to join in. A few of my favorites:

Bringing in the New Year with Scattergories

How did you bring in the New Year?

What I thought was going to be a nice, quiet, maybe even boring night at home turned into a mini party. Kayla came over, as did Kevin’s girlfriend. Combined with Melissa, Casey, Cody, Jack and I, we had a small crowd. We ended up playing Scattergories and got so into the game we almost missed the ball dropping! At literally two minutes to midnight I glanced at the clock and shouted it was time to make some noise, so we threw down our pencils and grabbed some pots and pans just in time to watch the ball drop, then we headed outside. Brrrr!

I have heard Scattergories was a fun game but I’ve never played it before. It’s a blast! Playing Scattergories with children is interesting as well and can get goofy. For example, when our letter was ‘T’ and one of the categories was “Things you keep hidden”, Jack put down, “Tiny Ninjas“. I challenged this and was voted down. Then Kayla put down Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for things in a suitcase… and I was once again voted down on that challenge. I still don’t think those were acceptable answers but whatever. 🙂 The children thought otherwise.

Neon Underglow There was a point where the category was car parts and I had a hard time with this one as the letter was ‘N’. I got nothing on this, but Casey and Melissa smoked us by putting Neon Underglow and Nitric. I would have had one if the letter was ‘C’; Corvette accessories. Oh well. We played several rounds and didn’t go to bed till at 2:30 AM. (Do you think that neon stuff would look good on a minivan??)

This morning (read: “noon”) Jack and I made a big breakfast to start off our New Year that consisted of pancakes, little sausages, and turkey bacon. Then… we played more Scattergories. Now we’re about to take down all of our Christmas lights and tree. It’s time to get things back in order.

Speaking of Jack…. he’s been spotted writing an actual post over at I suppose it is time to dust off the cobwebs and start posting over there as well.

I hope your New Year’s day was as fun and enjoyable as ours has been so far.

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