I have Type 2 Diabetes (also known as Adult Onset Diabetes). This section of our blog was at one time branched off into its own blog known as and but has been merged back with, and was originally created to discuss my journey with Diabetes. sucks sometimes and I thought I needed a separate place from this family/mommy blog to write about it but decided it fits here too.

Currently I write about everything I’m interested in be it TV shows I’m watching, movies, music, my children, weight loss, my house, you name it. I also write some product reviews from time to time, depending on what my mood is that day.

Here are a few of my Diabetic Facts:

  • I was officially diagnosed with Diabetes October, 2004. However; I had diabetes much longer than that.
  • One of the first posts I wrote here at spells out the Denial I went through.
  • I currently take Metformin to help keep my Diabetes under control.
  • I’m currently overweight and I am currently working to lose weight. It has been a slow and sometimes downright painful process. Losing weight will do more to help me control the diabetes than any medication I take. I do not want to take Metformin or any medication for the rest of my life to survive Diabetes.

Please take note: This is a personal blog written myself (Tracie) and Jack. The opinions expressed here represent our own and not those of our employer(s) past, present, or future.

This blog is a very small glimpse into our life and/or the life of our family. Please do not assume you know everything there is to know about us or our family simply because you read this blog on a regular basis. ~Thank you!

100 More Facts About Me

  1. I was born in 1969. This is a true fact. I’ve had people tell me “yeah right” as if the year “69” didn’t really exist. It did, and I was born in it. Get your mind out of the gutter. 🙂
  2. I am a Pisces.
  3. I have 4 birth children.
  4. I have 3 step-children.
  5. I never met my biological father.
  6. I have a half sister I’ve never met. Update: Met her over the phone in April 2004. No relationship ensued. 😦
  7. I have one brother and one sister.
  8. I’ve been married once.
  9. I’m still married to him.
  10. He’s my soul mate.
  11. I used to be an extrovert.
  12. I’m now pretty much an introvert.
  13. My name would’ve been Casey if I had been a boy.
  14. I named one of my son’s Casey because of that.
  15. I play a game called EverQuest and have off and on since 1999.
  16. I’ve lost friendships with people and I regret it for some, others I don’t.
  17. I became a homeowner in June of 2003.
  18. UPDATED: I work for an awesome company.
  19. I used to have my own Watkins business.
  20. I like to read.
  21. My favorite author is Stephen King.
  22. I like to watch movies.
  23. I’m a Netflix Member and think it’s the best.
  24. My favorite TV shows are *update: HEROES! I love this show! *ahem*, Friends, American Idol, Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, Jericho, and Survivor.
  25. I don’t like going to the doctor.
  26. I don’t even like taking my kids to the doctor.
  27. I will take myself and the kids to the doctor if it’s necessary.
  28. I have type 2 diabetes.
  29. I grew up in Oregon.
  30. I can be brutally honest.
  31. I collect Cherished Teddies with my husband.
  32. We started collecting them on our honeymoon.
  33. I was married August 21, 1999
  34. My favorite color is purple.
  35. I always wanted my room painted lavender as a child.
  36. I always got yellow.
  37. I don’t like the color yellow.
  38. Laundry is my least favorite household chore.
  39. I have brown eyes.
  40. I have blond’ish brown hair.
  41. I color my hair.
  42. I struggle with depression.
  43. I believe depression can be in the genes.
  44. I love music of all kinds. Even country. Even some rap (but not much).
  45. If I had to pick only five bands to listen to forever, it would be; Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Eagles, Heart, Alabama (because they all have years of content).
  46. I haven’t worked outside the home since 1992. I did help my husband run a business for a while, but I don’t really count that.
  47. I am was very happy working full time from home.
  48. When I shop for “work clothes” it’s in the pajama department. (Flannel pajama pants rule.)
  49. I want to buy a house on the Oregon or Washington coast.
  50. I have a minivan. We’ve dubbed it the ‘Kidmobile’. It has a kickass stereo system in it thanks to my super awesome hubby who always knows how to make me feel special on Mother’s Day.
  51. I’ve lost 34 lbs and counting.
  52. I can’t stand it when kids scream (even in play).
  53. It makes me cringe and cover my ears.
  54. I’m good at motivating others.
  55. But not myself.
  56. I want to learn to sew (better).
  57. My favorite kind of food is Italian.
  58. I also love cheeseburgers and some Mexican and Chinese. Here’s another thirteen of my favorite foods.
  59. I’m not that picky.
  60. Except I don’t like seafood at all.
  61. My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years.
  62. I love her tons and bunches.
  63. I’ve missed her a lot since she moved 1.5 hours away.
  64. I should visit her more often.
  65. She thinks so too.
  66. I think having 1-2 really close friends is better than lots of shallow friendships.
  67. I’m forgetful.
  68. I even forget to eat.
  69. I’m a clean freak.
  70. But I don’t like to clean.
  71. I can type 70 wpm. (I bet there are typos on this list though.)
  72. I wish I was more artistic.
  73. I can draw Snoopy. Snoopy rules.
  74. I have a scar on my lip from a fall a few years that could probably be fixed.
  75. I really hate the scar and it is even painful at times. (see number 25) Update: I got the scar fixed!
  76. I am a nice person, honest, and caring.
  77. But don’t let many get close to me anymore cause people tend to suck.
  78. I’m blunt and misunderstood a lot.
  79. I’m looking forward to retirement and traveling with Jack.
  80. I’m a worry wart and tend to obsess on things that bother me.
  81. Otherwise I’m mostly a happy person. (see 42)
  82. I love dogs.
  83. I don’t like cats as much as I used to.
  84. I used to be a dog groomer.
  85. I’ve been a retail sales clerk, fast food worker, and a mail room clerk.
  86. I wish I were a writer (as in books, but I kinda stink at it.)
  87. I procrastinate.
  88. I’d be a night owl if I didn’t have kids.
  89. I have to wear corrective lenses.
  90. I had my gallbladder removed and don’t miss it!
  91. I lived in pain for five years not knowing why. (the whole doctor thing again..)
  92. I’ve become obsessed with interior decorating ideas.
  93. I am often clutsy.
  94. I have four two NeoPets that I neglect. I’m a horrible Neopet owner.
  95. I’m a sensitive person.
  96. I’m way too sensitive for how brutally honest I am.
  97. I want a new desk. (update: got one…. starting to hate it. I can’t win!)
  98. Actually, I want to re-decorate our family room/den. (Update: Instead I got a whole new house) 🙂
  99. Um, I want to re-decorate our whole house (except the kitchen). (Update: See 98.)
  100. I’m hopelessly in love with my husband.

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One thought on “Tracie

  1. Hey Tracie,
    Just stumbled across this through Suzanne’s new Crazy Blog and thought I would say Hey. I really like #18 on the About page, it really says it all. I hope things are going well for you. Happy Halloween !


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