100 Things about Jack

  1. I was born in Medford, Or
  2. I am 33 years old
  3. I have brown hair
  4. I am happily married to Tracie
  5. I have 7 beautiful children
  6. The oldest is Kayla
  7. The second oldest is Katherine
  8. The third is Kevin
  9. The fourth is Jack Jr.
  10. The fifth is Melissa
  11. The sixth is Casey
  12. The seventh is Cody
  13. I play guitar
  14. I play the Bass
  15. I play both well
  16. I like heavy metal music
  17. I like classical and blues as well
  18. I like Pizza
  19. I have a problem with capitalizing words that don’t need it.
  20. I work on computers for a living.
  21. I work at a hospital.
  22. I have hazel eyes.
  23. I once wanted to adopt a little Chinese girl, but it was too expensive.
  24. I like Pepsi.
  25. I like Coke.
  26. I like Mt. Dew.
  27. I like Hot Tomales.
  28. I like chocolate.
  29. I like “B” Horror movies.
  30. I like Sci-Fi movies.
  31. I like Fantasy Movies.
  32. I have a goatee.
  33. I have a house.
  34. I have a dog.
  35. My dog digs holes in my back yard.
  36. I have a lot of holes to fill in my back yard.
  37. I live in the Pacific Northwest.
  38. I love the Pacific Northwest.
  39. I have been to over 25 States.
  40. I have flown 4 times.
  41. I took the bus from Illinois to Portland once.
  42. I like toys.
  43. I like children’s toys too.
  44. I like to play with my children with toys.
  45. I’m still a child at heart.
  46. I have cats.
  47. My cats pee on everything.
  48. My cats live outside now.
  49. I like Taco Bell food.
  50. I like Spaghetti.
  51. I like to watch movies.
  52. I make good burritos.
  53. I am a “Hunt and peck” typist.
  54. I hunt and peck over 60 words per minute.
  55. I used to wear earrings.
  56. I don’t wear earrings now.
  57. I used to have long hair.
  58. I have short hair now.
  59. If I tried to grow my hair out now I would look like the singer for the Commodores.
  60. I don’t like the way the lead singer for the Commodores looks.
  61. I am a video game junkie.
  62. My favorite game is Everquest.
  63. My second favorite game is Warcraft.
  64. My third favorite game is Halo.
  65. I can’t sing for squat.
  66. I wish I could sing.
  67. I like the SCA.
  68. I like camping.
  69. I like the beach.
  70. I like fishing.
  71. I like hunting.
  72. I have many scars on my hands from being careless as a child.
  73. I smoke.
  74. I want to quit smoking.
  75. I am hard of hearing.
  76. I don’t want to wear a hearing aid.
  77. I say “Huh?” a lot.
  78. I’ve had my toenails painted by my daughters before.
  79. I had to explain to people that my daughters did it.
  80. I have an older half brother and sister, and a younger half brother and sister.
  81. My older brother passed away in 1993.
  82. My father lives in Portland.
  83. I don’t know where my mother lives.
  84. My Mother doesn’t know where I live.
  85. I have shaved my head twice in my life.
  86. I have many scars on my scalp too.
  87. I have a scar on my neck from an infection that almost killed me.
  88. I have a scar on my pelvis from a hernia operation.
  89. I don’t have any tonsils.
  90. I have worn two casts in my life from broken bones.
  91. I wish I could draw better.
  92. I like to build things from wood.
  93. I like to snuggle with Tracie when I sleep.
  94. I don’t like peas.
  95. I wanted to be an astronaut or a cowboy when I was a child.
  96. My favorite TV show when I was a child was the Bionic Man.
  97. My favorite TV show now is Friends.
  98. I like to read Comic books.
  99. I like to swim.
  100. I am of mostly Scottish/Swedish descent.

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