Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-08-30) -via Twitter

  • I don't want our weekend to end. #fb #
  • Spent four hours buying school supplies, just the right clothes, the perfect backpacks, the right pair of shoes. Hard work, I tell ya. #
  • It's Friday night and both my hubby and are I working late. 😦 #fb #
  • Wow, I must be tired. That should have read "It's Friday night and both hubby and I are working late". It's been a long week. #fb #

Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-08-23) -via Twitter

  • Two more days… #fb #
  • I've done 16 loads of laundry in the last three days. As Cody would say, "Madness!" There's not a dirty towel or sock to be found though #fb #
  • At the beach!! Fairly easy drive traffic-wise. Had a most excellent dinner. Let our anniversary getaway begin!! #fb #
  • A decade ago today, I married my best friend. I couldn't be happier. #fb #
  • A cloudy day at the beach is still an awesome day at the beach. #fb #
  • Gorgeousness: #fb #
  • Saw District 9. Loved it! #fb #
  • More gorgeousness: #fb #

Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-08-16) -via Twitter

  • Oh it's Monday alright. Yes it is. #fb #
  • Homemade pizza + homemade brownies + really REALLY messy kitchen + popcorn + movies = house full of teenagers. #
  • My stepson just asked me, "Who the heck is Pearl Jam?" … I don't even know how to answer that. #fb #
  • Had an awesome weekend visiting with Cathy. Got some laundry done. Cleaned house. Relaxing now. #fb #

Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-08-09) -via Twitter

  • This week has been… interesting & I'm glad it's almost over. The 20th can't get here fast enough. Jack and I sooooooooooooo need a break! #
  • TGIF #
  • How much you wanna bet that it will finally rain now that I'm watering my grass? #
  • Can't decide what to have for dinner. Feeding a large family with varying tastes never becomes easier. Suggestions? Hitting Costco in a few. #

Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-08-02) -via Twitter

  • It's so freaking hot we couldn't sleep and had to come down stairs where there is a/c. Wide awake at 2 AM sucks!! #fb #
  • 87 degrees at 10 o'clock at night is freakin' ridiculous! #
  • Another stupidly hot day today. How is everyone staying cool during this? We're camping out downstairs till it's over & cools off @ night #
  • RT @CRESA: we're up to 13 places to stay cool in Clark County…info available on the blog at #
  • RT @CRESA: 2 more local cooling areas open… 7a-5p at & lobby at SW WA Med Ctr from 12p-8p… Check #
  • Watermelon on a hot day = bliss. #

Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-07-12) -via Twitter

  • Currently playing the flute on my iPhone. Ocarina rules. #fb #
  • Going to bed early tonight… Zzzzz #fb #
  • My co-worker, who's been dubbed Grumpy, is soooo mean. He forces me to listen to Amy Winehouse. #fb #
  • Oldest boy dumped these on my desk. Just your average toy cars? Or more than meets the eye? #fb #
  • Giving TweetDeck another try. Hope it doesn't crash out on me again. #
  • Today.. kinda sucks. That's not counting the teeth drilling I get to experience in about a half hour. #
  • Worked two 10 hour days in a row. I'm beat and very glad it's Friday! #
  • It's been the weirdest Saturday ever. #
  • I'm in the mood to go on a bike ride. Too bad I don't have a bicycle. #

Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-07-05) -via Twitter

  • There are a bunch of explosives in my garage. You'd think it was almost Independence day or something. #fb #
  • Riding In the Suburban with 6 out 8 of my kids. They have Miley Cyrus blaring on the radio. Send help! #fb #
  • In no particular order: Work, kids, appointments, work, appointments, kids, work, laundry, kids, work, appointments. That's my week. #fb #
  • It got hot!! #fb #
  • The A/C died in the server room at main hospital (on the hottest day of the year). I picked a GREAT time to ride in w/ Jack on a page. #fb #
  • Started my day by running out of coffee. Oh boy. #fb #
  • Two work crisis's between Jack and I in a 12 hour period! On a holiday weekend = NOT COOL! Don't these people know we have a party to host? #
  • Waiting for the American Idols concert to start!! #
  • At American Idol's concert in Portland. So fun! Michael Sarver on now. Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics. #fb #
  • Here's a picture of Adam (out of the program) for you Lambert fans. #fb #

Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-06-28) -via Twitter

  • I almost hit 2 teens on bicycles cause they flew around the corner on wrong side of road. They flipped me off when I honked 2 get their attn #
  • I want a doughnut. 😦 #fb #
  • First Farrah now Michael? What a day… so sad. #
  • Transformers = win! Just saw it with the hubby, kids, and a friend. Good stuff. #fb #
  • Just got Sissa and Lil Miss some adorable tops at Kev's g/f's mom's garage sale. Got around 20 items for $15. Score! #fb #
  • Spent the day with family, celebrating Kat's birthday and graduation. Good times. #fb #