I'm the New Guy from The Office who can't play Call of Duty

Go watch this: The Office: Call of Duty (It’s a two minute clip.)

The new guy? That’s me right now.

So my job does a little bit of Team Building now and then. It’s great for morale. Unless you’re me. And the team building exercise happens to be a first person shooter game that you basically suck at. (I still think I lag too much and that’s part of the problem. At least thats one of my excuses.) πŸ˜€

If, on a Friday, my only concern about my job is my lack of ability to play a first person shooter game, I must be doing OK. But it still has me bummed out that I suck that bad at it… 😦

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Saturday's child works hard for a living

(6:54:19 AM) Jay: and good morning
(6:54:19 AM) Jay : didn’t realize you were awake
(6:54:20 AM) Jay : heh
(6:55:56 AM) Space: lol
(6:55:57 AM) Space: yep
(6:56:05 AM) Space: start work ‘officially’ in five minutes
(6:56:10 AM) Space: (but I’ve been working for the last half hour)
(6:56:12 AM) Jay : ahh
(6:56:22 AM) Jay : typical Tracie πŸ˜‰
(6:56:33 AM) Space: lol
(6:56:46 AM) Space: yeah but I’d rather do OT if needed in the AM than at night when all my kids and hubby are home
(6:57:00 AM) Space: it’s not really needed today but we’re going to be short handed and I wanted to be sure we’re caught up
(6:57:20 AM) Jay : naw, that’s cool.
(6:57:23 AM) Space: plus, my email addy is plastered all over creation since my promotion so I get customers emailing me directly a lot now
(6:57:24 AM) Jay : it’s still typical πŸ˜‰
(6:57:49 AM) Jay : you have a well honed dedication to your work
(6:58:03 AM) Jay : definitely one of your redeeming qualities
(6:58:14 AM) Space: lol well thanks?

Just in case anyone was wondering… you know with the accusations some ex loserlunarpages employees are flinging around about me in retaliation to a few of my posts. Jay’s my buddy and has been for a long time.. but he was also a co-worker in the past, and at one time my superior… so he’d know. And I really was born on a Saturday. That’s proof enough right there, right? πŸ˜‰

I’m glad it’s Friday, though. I’ve been fighting a cold for a week.. and not sleeping well. I’m hoping it’s due to me not feeling well and this will be short lived. I love my bed but it’s times like this I wonder if a foam mattress would help. I seem to go through insomnia struggles once or twice a year that last 2-3 weeks at a time and it’s maddening. And makes me a cranky bitch. πŸ‘Ώ

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It's not even my birthday

Yesterday I needed to be able to edit a document for work. It was a PDF document and I didn’t have a PDF editor. I downloaded one that I found via Google search and promptly hated it. So I uninstalled it.

The program was Abdio PDF Editor. This piece of crap program screwed up my computer when I uninstalled it. It took with it my search assistant when I uninstalled it. This meant the search function on my computer failed to work until Jack disabled the search assistant. To ensure it was that program, I reinstalled it and guess what? Search worked. I uninstalled it again… (using the custom uninstall option with Jack checking every file to ensure it was only claiming to uninstall its own files) but no luck.. It took my search assistant again. BOOOOO!

There’s a few other minor issues with my computer. It’s been years since I’ve upgraded it (except the video card). I was supposed to upgrade it almost a year ago when we sold our house. In fact the money for it is still in the bank. We just never got around to it and there was always a higher priority. Tomorrow we’re getting the parts and hopefully the next time I post it will be from my shiny new computer!

P.S. My birthday is next month. *hint hint* πŸ™‚ I was looking at watches since none of mine are functional at the moment. Look at this Chopard ladybug watch. Cute in concept… but I wouldn’t wear it.

So about that tornado…

Auntie Em, It’s a Twister! There’s been lots of adrenaline flowing through Vancouver today!

I was just near the area the tornado touched down on my way home from Cody’s follow up appt (for his tonsillectomy). I noticed the sky was really really black … so black that it was hard to not keep looking at it. It was just weird-looking to me and I wondered what kind of storm it would bring.

We got home and I logged back into work when I started hearing thunder off in the distance and thought, “here’s the storm…” then my power flickered enough to reboot my computer. I logged back into work and told them sorry… thunderstorm.. power-flicker… rebooted, etc. They were like “whatever”. LOL….

About five minutes later a spark (arc??) went through the kids monitor next to me and it scared the daylights out of me. It made a pop, like when you shock someone (when you touch them) except louder and before I could finish the thought “what the heck was…” KABLAM!!!! The loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life rocked the entire house. I let out a scream… I was still startled from the spark then following it up with the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard… This in turn scared Cody and my dogs, and Cody started whimpering. Then the wind came out of nowhere and hail started falling.

At this point I had no idea what it was and even chastised myself for letting out a scream over a stupid thunderstorm… but I told work I was shutting down my computers (the arc/spark/whatever through the kids monitor is not a good thing, lol) then I called Jack to tell him about the monitor and that I was shutting down all the computers.

The wind was blowing like crazy and I heard garbage cans get knocked over.. then the hail just came barreling down. I opened the door to watch it (still not having any clue what it was) and I was relaying to Jack what was going on. He was amazed because where he was they had pretty much nothing.

Almost as fast as it blew in, it blew right out… so I powered up my computer and logged back into work. I apologized for taking off unexpectedly and explained the spark through the monitor. They were again like “whatever”. Then my email loaded up and I see this:

From: Weather Underground Email Service
Date: Jan 10, 2008 12:27 PM
Subject: Tornado Warning for Vancouver, WA
To: ********@gmail.com

Tornado Warning

1225 PM PST Thu Jan 10 2008

The National Weather Service in Portland has issued a

* Tornado Warning for…
southern Clark County in southwest Washington…
southwestern Skamania County in southwest Washington…

* until 100 PM PST.

* At 1220 PM PST…the public reported a tornado near Hazel Dell…or
about near Vancouver downtown…moving east at 30 mph.

* The tornado will be near…
Sifton…Orchards…Brush Prairie and Evergreen around 1230 PM
PST… Camp Bonneville…Salmon Falls…Lacamas Lake and alpine around
1240 PM PST… Elkhorn Mountain around 1245 PM PST… Larch Mountain around 1250 PM PST…

I live in Orchards… and I was like NO FREAKIN’ WAY!! I saw the time they claimed it was reported (12:20). The time I told work I was shutting down:

(12:20:45 PM) tracie: i have to shut down….

That was right after the spark/arc-monitor-thunder thing.

I turned on the TV and it’s on every channel. I called Jack back and told him and he and his co-workers were all saying “NO WAY!” We just don’t get tornadoes here. It’s been on TV all day. If the state of WA gets tornadoes it’s usually off in a field in the middle of nowhere and it’s very rare.. I think they said about one tornado touches down in this state per year. There was none in 2007. They just said on TV it may have been an F2 … and possibly F3. I also heard F1.. who knows. I know they tend to blow things out of proportion.

Picture of the tornado in Vancouver, WA The tornado touched down about 6.5 miles from where I live and headed this way but dissipated before it got anywhere near here. I am guessing the weather here was from the outer edge of the system that caused the tornado. I tell ya, had I known there was a tornado heading this way I sure as heck would NOT have been going outside. I should have taken the hint from my dogs. When I opened the door to check out the hail coming down, the dogs stopped dead in their tracks at the door. Normally they run right out with me. They knew better. The look on their faces were, “I ain’t going out there… no way lady!”. I thought they were afraid of the hail but come to think of it.. hail has never stopped them before and Randy usually chases it. This time they wanted no part of it.

All the schools went into lock-down. They put all the kids in the hallways with their hands over their heads. Casey said they had to stand there for a half hour like that. I do not think our schools have ever had a tornado drill, let alone follow an actual REAL tornado procedure. But it sounds like they did the right thing.

Here’s a good story with pictures:
Rare tornado sweeps through Clark County, leaving damage in its wake

I especially liked this part:

Sparks fly as lightning strikes next door to Prairie High School in Vancouver, WA. “It sounded like a building collapsed” speaks one student in Mr. Bell’s 5th period computer class. Multiple students claim to have seen sparks fly form computer equipment during the first strike. After the second strike, hail 2cm in diameter falls. Now at 12:29 PM the wind is blowing the hail sideways at the buildings as thunderclap after thunderclap is heard. – Amanda Merrill

Prairie High is only a few blocks from here.

This story has been updated with video footage of the tornado: Tornado touches down in Vancouver area

So.. yeah. Crazy day! (Crazy week actually… but that’s another story..)

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Blame the absence on IE6

It’s come to my attention this new theme looks like total crap in IE6. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE internet explorer????) Every time I get a theme I love that I can tweak, it totally looks like crap in IE. So that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting. My blog is broken and looks like kaka and I can’t figure it out. This is not the first time this has happened and it just frustrates me. Why do themes have to be hacked to bits to get IE to play nice? Oh that’s right.. because IE sucks as much as living with diabetes does and doesn’t play by the rules.

Actually, that’s not the only thing keeping me away. My hours at my job went from part time to full time. I’m working full time again!! So I don’t have as much time to work on silly things like dealing with the suckfest that is IE. I did try fixing the theme again after work tonight but I still can’t figure it out. Next step (tomorrow) is to reload it from scratch and start over. (Pssst. Firefox rules!)

Tonight is hopefully going to be a repeat from last week: quiet, fire, in front of the TV. Especially since just today I found out that we’ve been watching our favorite TV shows on the wrong channels. We got our HDTV last spring and never knew that in order to get HD through our cable box we have to switch which set of channels we watch. For example, if we want to watch channel 12, we need to tune to channel 712, channel 6 is 706, channel 2 is 702, etc. There’s many networks that still don’t broadcast in HD but I’m glad to know there are several who do. And here I thought the expensive HDMI cables we bought were worthless. Nope. It was just operator error.

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Check please

It’s 4:15 PM and I’m wishing it was time for bed already. It was the busiest day I’ve ever seen at work today and only two of us to handle it. On top of that there was something wrong with my connection to work and everything took 5 times longer than it should. It (the connection issue) was stressing me the heck out, but we managed to get mostly caught up before the next person came on.

It might be post-holiday letdown too… who knows. All I know is I need a fire in the fireplace, some hot tea, and a quiet evening.

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Benefits – "Quack"

Today was the deadline to get our benefit choices turned in at Jack’s work and we got it in just in the nick of time. I always hate this because it’s always bad news:

1. Premiums went up.
2. Co-payment went up.
3. Deductible went up.

This year was no different. We pay almost $200 a month for health insurance alone. We also pay extra for prescription, dental and vision insurance. Jack’s employer does offer fairly affordable life insurance plans and we have opted for those on both of us and the kids… But all these insurance premiums are driving me insane!

So when Jack was asking me about all of it today, I quacked at him. Twice. He didn’t even bat an eye. His response was: “duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck Goose!” As though this was perfectly normal. I blame RSM.

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