I’ve been thinking about it for a while and am pretty sure I’m going to merge all the posts at with this blog.

This blog has been in existence in one form or another since 1997 (before “blog” was an everyday word) and has always been a smorgasbord of our lives, our kids, Jack, me, etc.

I created just over four years ago thinking that I would be ranting a lot about my diabetes. I didn’t want to clutter things up here with my rants and raves about having diabetes, my weight issues, etc. But Diabetes has just become a part of my life and I no longer find many things to rant about or post about. Even if I did, I’ve come to realize that putting my thoughts and feelings about it here is fine and not really off topic. This blog is about Jack and I, as well as our family. After all it’s “” right?

I’ve been thinking about it a good long while, but haven’t gotten around to it because I knew merging the blog would be a pretty daunting task.

Today I updated our wordpress and discovered they made it super simple to import every post, comment, picture, and even the categories and tags right into this blog with just a few clicks of a button. How cool is that?

So soon, when I have the time to update the theme here, spacytracie and jackntracie will become one blog. And should be updated a LOT more often since wondering which blog to post on will be no longer be an issue.

Bullet Sunday #16

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Bullet Sunday and there’s so much random stuff going on I figured it was fitting to do one today.

  • Last weekend the sun was shining, it was close to 80 degrees outside and we had a BBQ. This weekend we’re taking pictures of the snow that fell. SNOW. In April. This just isn’t right. It wasn’t a lot of snow and it’s gone now but still. Snow? In April? Unheard of around here.

    Snow that fell April 19, 2008

  • Today’s the day we get to go to JCPenney and to have them correct their mistake. I have to quote Jeff in the comments on that post because he gave an awesome suggestion for how to handle it:

    Jeff on April 20th, 2008 at 7:29 am

    (((RING))) (((RING))) (((RING)))

    Tracie: “Hello, Store Manager? Yes, I’d like you to send someone out to the house to finish the job that your sales clerk didn’t.”

    Store Manager: “Well, Ma’am, I don’t think I can do that.”

    Tracie: “I’ll come to you, then. I’ll be the one with the flock of kids running wild up & down your aisles of nice, light-colored, ladies springtime outfits with triple-scoop chocolate ice cream cones.”

    My kids are usually well-behaved in stores. (I say usually because sometimes when their dad is with them they are less well-behaved because he’s a big dopey kid himself who doesn’t see anything wrong with running up and down the aisles.) But in this case, I think Jeff’s idea is a good one. Don’t you?

  • Today is also the day we will finally replace the stupid vertical blinds that plague our back patio door. I can’t stand them anymore. Though I do think I’ll be in for disappointment. I’m pretty sure the curtain I want will have to be ordered. *sigh* I also want to look at installing some motion sensor lights for our driveway. Our old house had them and I miss being able to turn off the porch light but still have those come on when we came home or when someone comes over.
  • I haven’t updated on my health lately so here’s quickie: I’m doing OK with the Diabetes and my BG levels are pretty under control. I have a doc appointment coming up soon’ish and I’ll find out how my cholesterol levels are. I know he’s going to want to put me back on the Lovastatin and I’m not looking forward to that battle with him. Weight-wise I’m still stuck in the same rut (lost 50 pounds, gained back 10 and have plateaued).
  • I changed up the site design here at a bit. The basic template is the same but I’ve taken out the colors on the sidebars and changed up the fonts a bit. I also created a graphical logo for the header and a favicon. I think this is easier on the eyes and a bit less busy. What do you think?
  • Who watched Battlestar Galactica? I don’t want to say much … but OMG! Just.. OMG! What a totally messed up episode. OMG! … lol

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Thursday Thirteen #25 – SPRING!

Thursday Thirteen
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Since today is the first day of Spring, here is thirteen things I love and hate about Spring:

  1. Love: Flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers?
  2. Hate: Flowers. I’d like to know who came up with the idea that flowers should make you sneeze? I ache for poor Jack this time of year.
  3. Love: The grass growing again. There’s nothing like a fresh green lawn.
  4. Hate: Damn grass grows too fast and has to be mowed once a week. And again, who’s bright idea was it to make grass give people hay fever??
  5. Love: Cherry blossoms blooming. What’s not to love about pretty pink trees?
  6. Hate: Damn cherry blossom flower petals get everywhere!
  7. Love: The kids can play outside again! Sometimes without a coat.
  8. Hate: Yard work
  9. Love: I can exercise outside! Go for walks, etc. Bahahaha. Like I get exercise?? If only I had that elliptical I’ve been wanting. (Only if Jack miraculously finds room in the garage…)
  10. Love: Spring cleaning! I love my house to be sparkly and shiny.
  11. Hate: Spring cleaning. I’m a clean freak in a lazy person’s body.
  12. Love: Portland Saturday Market opens – I vow to get there more often this year.
  13. Hate: The dog hair *everywhere* that my dogs shed. UGH! I should save it and knit a sweater. Seriously.

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Spring forward

I feel much better today. I did get to listen to music most of the night, had a couple drinks, and had a mostly relaxing gaming session with Jack and some friends last night in EverQuest II. (I say mostly because the majority of the people we roll with play to have fun, while some take it a bit too seriously and make it almost a job. THAT isn’t fun.)

As we head into spring, our ‘to-do’ list is growing rapidly. Things we need to do around the house, yard to clean up (having 3 dogs is hard on a yard, I tell ya), and plans are being made about how we want to spend our spring and summer. I am SO ready for winter to be over!

One of the things we’d love to do more of this summer is take the kids camping. Not SCA events like we’ve done in the past but good old-fashioned camping. One of the best things about living in the NW is the many many beautiful camping opportunities. Oceans, mountains, rivers, we have it all. The problem is we have such a large family of children and pets it can get to be quite a challenge. It’s not in the cards any time soon but we have been keeping our out eye on travel trailers for sale. We’d be able to go just about anywhere if we had one. Our house even is designed to have room to park one when not in use.

I suppose getting one of those is much more practical for us than a fancy sport car for me, huh? 🙂

Power walking and shopping

My blood sugar shot up today. I couldn’t figure out why. I ate good today (even eating breakfast on time). I got more exercise than normal running up and down the stairs to do laundry, so there was no reason for it that I could see. Except then it dawned on me that I forgot my meds this AM. I never forget. But… I also rarely eat breakfast when I first get up. Since I did eat something first thing this morning, I totally forgot to take my doggone pills. I thought about taking a brisk walk to help bring it down, but it started raining. Then hailing. I ran to the store instead on my lunch break and walked really fast up and down the isles. I’m sure people thought I was crazy but it helped! It’s times like this I wish we had exercise equipment in the house such as one of these ellipticals. Then again, I have no idea where we’d put one.

Fixed the ie6 issue

I finally fixed the IE6 issue only to be faced with a new issue. Adding new categories is broken. That happened after a recent update to WordPress. It’s fine on my other blog though so I don’t know if it’s a theme issue or what’s going on. 😦 It can be really frustrating dealing with all these little miscellaneous issues to keep a blog going. It feels like I’ve aged 20 years and should be looking into assisted living software with the amount of time I’ve spent fixing this stuff. If anyone knows anything about the category issue after updating to WordPress 2.3.2, feel free to contact me. I sure would appreciate it. 🙂

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Bringing in the New Year with Scattergories

How did you bring in the New Year?

What I thought was going to be a nice, quiet, maybe even boring night at home turned into a mini party. Kayla came over, as did Kevin’s girlfriend. Combined with Melissa, Casey, Cody, Jack and I, we had a small crowd. We ended up playing Scattergories and got so into the game we almost missed the ball dropping! At literally two minutes to midnight I glanced at the clock and shouted it was time to make some noise, so we threw down our pencils and grabbed some pots and pans just in time to watch the ball drop, then we headed outside. Brrrr!

I have heard Scattergories was a fun game but I’ve never played it before. It’s a blast! Playing Scattergories with children is interesting as well and can get goofy. For example, when our letter was ‘T’ and one of the categories was “Things you keep hidden”, Jack put down, “Tiny Ninjas“. I challenged this and was voted down. Then Kayla put down Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for things in a suitcase… and I was once again voted down on that challenge. I still don’t think those were acceptable answers but whatever. 🙂 The children thought otherwise.

Neon Underglow There was a point where the category was car parts and I had a hard time with this one as the letter was ‘N’. I got nothing on this, but Casey and Melissa smoked us by putting Neon Underglow and Nitric. I would have had one if the letter was ‘C’; Corvette accessories. Oh well. We played several rounds and didn’t go to bed till at 2:30 AM. (Do you think that neon stuff would look good on a minivan??)

This morning (read: “noon”) Jack and I made a big breakfast to start off our New Year that consisted of pancakes, little sausages, and turkey bacon. Then… we played more Scattergories. Now we’re about to take down all of our Christmas lights and tree. It’s time to get things back in order.

Speaking of Jack…. he’s been spotted writing an actual post over at I suppose it is time to dust off the cobwebs and start posting over there as well.

I hope your New Year’s day was as fun and enjoyable as ours has been so far.

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Christmas and the day after

Did you have a good Christmas? We did. The kids grabbed some camping gear (air mattresses, extra blankets, pillows, etc) and “camped out” in the boys room Christmas Eve. This has become a tradition for us. None of them sleep well Christmas eve so it’s easier to camp out together, and watch movies. Some of our little heathens angels were still up at midnight! Then they gathered around our bed at 6 AM Christmas morning and sang a “get out of bed it’s Christmas” song to us. I didn’t get startled this year like I have in years past, lol. We came downstairs to discover lots of presents under the tree and stockings overflowing. We let them go through their stockings while we had some coffee and tried to shake the cobwebs out of our heads. Then they opened their gifts in record time.

After that is was a day of laziness and rest. I burned myself rather badly (second degree) on Christmas eve while preparing our feast. The burn was so deep it didn’t hurt at all, but looked awful. It was white where the burn was and charred on the edges. I ended up going to the ER for a tetanus shot and treatment of the burn. (How deep it was and the lack of pain actually scared me a bit…) It’s somewhat painful now but the area where they gave me the tetanus shot is actually more uncomfortable. So Christmas day I was dealing with a sore arm (since they gave me the shot in the same arm that was burned) and since we had no plans to go anywhere, we laid around and watched Christmas movies all day while the younger kids played with their new toys. It was practically a miracle day as the youngest boys got along all day without a single argument. Other than the bitterness I’m still feeling over how screwed up my extended family is, it was a wonderful Christmas.

Food-wise, I did pretty good. I tried to stay fairly low-carb and had only a handful of sweets here and there, nothing to raise my BG levels too much.

The kids got lots of gift cards and money this year. So they want to go shopping today. There’s a part of me screaming NO NO NO… NO MORE SHOPPING!!! But, we do need some gift tags, new stocking holders, and new lights for our Christmas tree next year so today is a perfect day to get that stuff I suppose. We also need to pick up some ice cream, yogurt, pudding, etc. for Cody’s surgery tomorrow.

How was YOUR Christmas? Are you shopping at all the clearance sales today?

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Bye bye perfect teeth

I was blessed with naturally strong and straight teeth. But I screwed up…. and now I will pay a price.

I’ve had one cavity my whole life. Of course that ONE cavity had to be a huge pain in the ass. It was in a horrible place and the filling cracked twice, which led to a root canal, which led to an abscess years later, which led to massive pain and the tooth being extracted. So for most of my life I’ve had no fillings, no silver, nothing. Just my natural teeth.

After the fall I had over four years ago that resulted in five stitches in my lip and a minor surgery a couple years after that to correct the scar, I neglected my teeth. After all the trauma my mouth went through I couldn’t bring myself to get to the dentist. I guess I thought my naturally strong teeth would be fine on their own with my regular brushing. I finally saw a dentist today after much urging from my hubby and reminders from our family dentist… and found out I have 3 baby cavities as a result of my neglect. GRRRRR. I’ll never let THAT go again. Gone are my silver/filling free teeth. 😦

I also found out as a diabetic it’s more important to keep up on the cleanings and regular visits to the dentist. When I got home I researched this and found that:

1. Individuals with diabetes are more susceptible to the development of oral infections and periodontal disease than those who do not have diabetes. (source)

2. Some people with diabetes will experience a dry mouth. I experienced this a lot before I was diagnosed with diabetes. A dry mouth can increase your risk of cavities, because there’s less saliva to wash away germs and take care of the acids they create. (source)

3. Dental care is particularly important for people with diabetes because they face a higher than normal risk of oral health problems due to poorly controlled blood sugars. The less well controlled the blood sugar, the more likely oral health problems will arise. This is because uncontrolled diabetes impairs white blood cells, which are the body’s main defense against bacterial infections that can occur in the mouth. (source)

We don’t know how long my blood sugars were uncontrolled, but we guess at least 2 years. So I imagine this is some of the cause, but mostly it’s my own stupid fault for not keeping up on my dental care. 😦

It’s just another reminder that I DO need to stop taking care of everyone else once in a while to take care of myself: Keep working on the weight loss (I’m thinking of getting an elliptical machine), keeping my blood sugars under control, and now scheduling regular cleanings and checkups with my dentist.

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