Miss Kendra

Ever since the arrival of Kendra our lives have been enriched. This furry family member has been a joy and a blessing in our lives. She comes with quirks though, and one I cannot figure out is her night time restlessness. After the kids go to bed and Jack and I watch TV, play games, whatever, she becomes restless. This is the time she gets into trouble the most.

She starts by getting into the garbage under my desk. There’s usually not much in there. Some paper, wrappers, pencil shavings. But she has to scatter it all around my desk. Then she scratches at the back door to be let out. We let her out then she wants in. We let her in and she paces around the house, then wants back out. It’s perplexing. I think she misses the kids when they go to bed and doesn’t know what to do with herself. Then at bed time she used to wake us up several times a night, wanting out, wanting to play. She wouldn’t sleep through the night. It was almost like having a baby!

Another quirk she has is she likes to perch. She perches on the bench outside and she perches on the brick BBQ pit between the BBQ and the table. She is often trying to get on the couch and we have caught her sleeping on them a few times. We are thinking of training both of our dogs that it’s OK to get on the old couches but not the new ones. I’m not sure if that would confuse them, though.

We don’t know much about Kendra’s past. We know that she was locked up in her crate a lot or confined to the kitchen. She came to us overweight from the lack of exercise. This is not acceptable for a dog that is only 1.5 years old. The crate she was accustomed to came with her. At first we were not going to use the crate at all. We figured she’d be happier to always be able to roam free and never have to go back to being confined. We were wrong.

We set up the crate one day because we were going to be gone for several hours and I was worried she’d tear up the house while we were gone. She went right in without a fuss. Then when we moved, we set it up in our bedroom for the same reason. It was meant to be a temporary thing. We got lazy and did not take it down and one night at bed time she went into it on her own. I closed the door to it and she slept through the night. *light bulb* The next night it was the same thing, and the next. Our little furry girl slept through the night just fine if in her own space.

We discovered that dog dens can actually be a good thing if done correctly. Kendra is a prime example. She is still restless in the evening but with her in her crate at bed time, we are ALL getting sleep! It makes sense. The dogs view these crates as their own personal space; their dens. So they feel comfortable and secure.

The other day I was given a link to a site for pet supplies. I instantly fell in love with the dog houses. My favorite is the Bed and Breakfast one. I could totally see us using that, even inside the house with Kendra perching on the top bunk. And the bottom could serve as her own space. Internet Pet Emporium actually has a lot of really nice products that are unique and fun. I like that they don’t look like your standard run of the mill products. They would actually enhance the look of your home while making a statement that the four legged creatures in the household are actually members of the family and have their place as well.

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Half Birthday Party a Hit!

Melissa’s half or August birthday party was a hit. She had three friends over plus her sister, brothers and even her grandma! The girls wasted no time starting a pillow fight up in the boys room which the boys promptly joined in. They did that for about an hour then came downstairs to have pizza. After pizza we opened her presents. She got some CDs, new wallet, new purse, a couple cute shirts, a framed butterfly (real butterfly) and a gift card. After that was cake and ice cream then we headed off to Blockbuster to rent some movies. They picked out Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Raise Your Voice. Perfect movies for a girly sleep over.

They went to bed around 1 AM but there was no sleep happening till after 3 AM. UGH! I was about to separate them but then I would have been the meanie. It was her first real sleepover so it’s all good. Man were they hard to get out of bed this morning! Parents arrived around 10 AM and they were still eating breakfast. We had gift bags to give out that contained girly tattoos for the girls and air plane cut out things for the boys, a pencil, bubbles, a KitKat bar, and party poppers. We never got around to doing the poppers some of them left but we did get a few in before the rest took off.

The dogs had a blast with all the attention they got from the girls, and popping the bubbles. I hope they don’t get sick from all the soap they had to of ingested while they were biting the bubbles. While outside they also managed to dig up a couple Titleist golf balls. WTH? LOL We find golf balls in our yard all the time. I could understand it if we lived near a golf course, but we don’t. It wouldn’t bother me so much if they weren’t a choking hazard for the pups.

Anyway, overall the party was very nice and Melissa had a blast. I’m wiped out… so is Jack, but it was worth it to see our girl so happy.

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