Thursday Thirteen #25 – SPRING!

Thursday Thirteen
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Since today is the first day of Spring, here is thirteen things I love and hate about Spring:

  1. Love: Flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers?
  2. Hate: Flowers. I’d like to know who came up with the idea that flowers should make you sneeze? I ache for poor Jack this time of year.
  3. Love: The grass growing again. There’s nothing like a fresh green lawn.
  4. Hate: Damn grass grows too fast and has to be mowed once a week. And again, who’s bright idea was it to make grass give people hay fever??
  5. Love: Cherry blossoms blooming. What’s not to love about pretty pink trees?
  6. Hate: Damn cherry blossom flower petals get everywhere!
  7. Love: The kids can play outside again! Sometimes without a coat.
  8. Hate: Yard work
  9. Love: I can exercise outside! Go for walks, etc. Bahahaha. Like I get exercise?? If only I had that elliptical I’ve been wanting. (Only if Jack miraculously finds room in the garage…)
  10. Love: Spring cleaning! I love my house to be sparkly and shiny.
  11. Hate: Spring cleaning. I’m a clean freak in a lazy person’s body.
  12. Love: Portland Saturday Market opens – I vow to get there more often this year.
  13. Hate: The dog hair *everywhere* that my dogs shed. UGH! I should save it and knit a sweater. Seriously.

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Dressing up the dog

Jack and I aren’t really the kind that dress up our animals or get all fancy with our stuff (not that animals are ‘stuff’ but you know what I mean). This doesn’t include holidays of course and even then it’s usually only Halloween and Christmas we go all out with the decorating. With our every day items and life in general, we tend to go about things fairly simply. We don’t trick out the cars with fancy auto accessories and our home is decorated with things we have found along the way. That is until Miss Cassie came into our lives. (Otherwise known as Kissy Cassie or Gassy Cassie).

Our little rat doggie now has a reversible nylon jacket (omg it’s so cute), a pink t-shirt, and a red sweater. My mom also brought over a fleece coat with a turn-up collar. She has a fancy sleeping bag made for animals her size (that she can burrow into) and another fleece blanket with paws all over it and her own kennel. She has more accessories than both my golden retrievers combined. Don’t mention it to them though. They’re still trying to forgive us from bringing a rat cute little dog into their home.

Who knew we actually were the kind of people who would dress up a little dog? Of course, in Cassie’s case, she has no fat and no fur so she really does get cold easily. So if we have to warm her up, we might as well do it in style. Can you blame us?

P.S. I know I shouldn’t call her a rat dog.. but with those ears, and that face… I do say it with lots of affection. I mean.. isn’t it obvious we’re going a bit overboard with the spoiling here? We’re totally become the kind of people I loathed. But… I guess now I get it. If you have a really awesome dog who needs a little help in the area of being warm, it’s hard not to go overboard. It really is! Please don’t hate us.

A new family member

Unfortunately Jack had to work Saturday and that messed up our plans to go to Cathy’s house this weekend. That left me with not much to do as I had the house totally cleaned and all the laundry done. I thought about looking into body shop supplies to see what we can do with the hood on the car that got in the accident. Instead I got my hair cut but that only took up 2 hours of my weekend.

What to do??

Actually, Jack working and us staying home turned out a good thing because we might have missed the opportunity to bring such an adorable creature into our lives! And by adorable, I mean, the “so-ugly-it’s-cute” kind of adorable. 🙂

Meet Cassie:
Cassie the Boston Terrier

Short story version: She was found 7-8 years ago by my mother running the streets of Portland. My mom worried for her safety and coaxed her to her. There was no one around to claim her so she took her home, called animal control, the humane society, and vets in the area. No one reported a missing pure bred Boston Terrier. She then took an ad out in the paper. The only call she got was a man looking for his male Boston Terrier. No one ever claimed Cass, so she became a member of our family.

After an unfortunate incident with my mother’s greyhound dogs that almost cost Cassie her life, she went to live with my brother. He recently moved and couldn’t take her. So to us she’s come to live. We were a bit hesitant, and Jack was downright against it. But, Cassie turned on the charm and ‘cuted’ her way into Jack’s heart (as he called it). After only two days he’s as smitten as can be with her and can’t wait to get her a coat so she won’t shiver so much when she goes outside. It was a hilarious transformation to watch him go through. “NO we can’t keep her!” to “We should get her two sweaters: one for outside and one for inside”. 🙂

She’s somewhere between 10-14 years old and absolutely loves kids. She follows them everywhere and if allowed would lick them incessantly for hours on end. They in turn adore her. First thing Casey and Cody did when they got home from school was run through the house looking for her. She was perched on her new favorite place: Kevin’s lap of course. 🙂

And yes, that means we now have a Kevin, a Casey, a Cody, and a Cassie in the house. And at times a Kayla and a Katherine, too! This is going to be fun!

Door to Door Part I

Warning for those with sensitive eyes: This post contains a naughty word or two.

This is also a two part post. Part II will follow later today or tomorrow.

Here I was minding my own business balancing my checking account when my dogs started barking and whining at the front window. A few seconds later there was a soft knock on my door which caused the dogs to go into a barking frenzy. I realized at that very moment that we need to stop scolding our dogs for barking when the doorbell rings or someone knocks. When everyone is home and they bark like this, we get annoyed and try to hush them. When I’m home alone I never hush them and realized today it’s because their ferocious barking makes me feel safer.

When I peek out the window and see an unknown man standing there, I always hesitate to answer the door. This could be THE ax murderer rapist boogyman. Bark doggies, bark. Bark louder! Make Mr. ax murderer rapist boogyman think twice about THIS house. People aren’t generally afraid of golden retrievers but at least they can *sound* mean.

So the guy today was some sort of investment broker .. or something. It went like this:

boogyman: “Hi! My name is boogyman and I’m from blah blan and son firm. We are looking to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood.

me: “you’re from where?”

boogyman: “blah blah and son”

me: “and what is that??”

boogyman: “Well that’s why I’m here.. we wanted to make sure people know who we are and what we do!”

He then gives me an expectant look like he wants me to invite him in. Riiiiight. I contained my laughter and pretended not to notice.

me: “… and that is … ?”

boogyman: “well we’re an investment firm and…”

me: “I’m not interested”

I shut the door and locked it.

Seriously…. anyone needing to go door to door these days for those types of service is desperate. I relayed this story to Jay and apparently this is some sort of “Face to Face Marketing”. He said it’s more like “IN YO FACE! Marketing”. Ok.. but I don’t get it. Door to door sales is nothing new. Most people I know loathe this type of marketing.

This is the third or fourth time in the last few months strange people selling strange things have came to my door. And it just comes across as desperate to me. The guy who sells windows? Sure.. I can see it.. At least it’s somewhat relevant. I’m in a HOUSE after all. The guy wanting to sell me lawn services? Understandable.. I don’t like that these strange men come to my house and try to sell me products to enhance my house but it’s somewhat normal. The guy wanting me to use his company for my investments? Fuck off. It’s pouring down rain and windy out again today.. so yeah.. that’s DESPERATE and I already don’t trust you.

Maybe next time my dogs are really barking but can’t be seen by Mr ax murder rapist boogyman who just knocked on my door I’ll start shouting “DOWN CUJO! NO KILL! NO KILL!” until he goes away.

Stay tuned for Part II: The time I physically chased a door to door sales person. Don’t worry… She had it coming!

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Doggone Doggies

You all know I have two golden retrievers: Randy a 5 year old male, and Kendra a 2 year old female. I’ve posted about Kendra’s perching habits before and this week Kendra has discovered two new places to perch. We covered our patio table and she decided that meant it’s now hers, and the board next to our BBQ’s makes a great perching spot:

Kendra perching on the patio table By the BBQ's

I also mentioned the other day that Randy is allergic to fleas. One bite causes him to go completely insane and he starts chewing his skin bloody and ripping his fur out. When he chews on his skin it gets infected and I have to take him to the vet for antibiotics. That’s what I did Wednesday. The vet scoured him for fleas and couldn’t find a single one. He gave him a steroid shot to relieve the itching and the usual antibiotics. We are both at a loss for why he is having a breakout now, but we seem to go through this once a year. I came home, washed their dog beds, vacuumed, then inspected Kendra. She doesn’t have fleas either. Maybe a rogue flea bit from being outside or something. Randy was visibly feeling better by Wednesday night and he’s hardly scratching and chewing at all now.

Yesterday I took them both to the groomers. Normally I groom my own dogs including baths but I do it outside. It’s too cold to do that now. I wanted to be sure they were clean before I applied another round of Frontline. I only had one application of the Frontline so I stopped by our local feed mill where I normally buy our dog food. Frontline has gone up considerably in price. I was not happy about this and I figured they were over-pricing it so I waited till I picked the pooches up from the groomer to see what they had it for. They were almost $10 MORE. Suddenly the feed mill’s price didn’t seem so bad and that’s where I ended up purchasing it.

Now, Kendra is scratching and biting herself like mad. She didn’t sleep well last night.. she kept waking up and panting. (Hmm.. maybe that’s why *I* didn’t sleep well last night.) I know going to the groomer’s is stressful and it could be that. I have looked her over and don’t see any fleas and her skin looks fine. The only thing I can think of is her coat is thick and getting baths always loosens up her undercoat and she sheds like mad for a few days after.

It appears I can’t win this weekend between the itchy dogs and messy kids! 🙂

Fun in the Fall

When I was a child there was a brief time when my mother was married to my sister’s dad (my step dad) where we lived in a house that had a lot of trees in the yard. I remember spending a couple autumns at this house raking those leaves into big piles. I remember the hard work and the blisters on my hands. But most of all, I remember getting as many leaves as we could into the biggest pile we could then jumping into the pile. We didn’t live in that house very long and future houses did not have trees like that. I missed it.

Casey and Cody is this like shoveling in a snow storm? the dogs think it's fun too nice jump blanket of leaves Sissa and Casey in a bed of leaves

Our last home had a couple trees but none with big leaves. Mostly the kind that you don’t have to bother raking because they break down so quickly after falling. This is our first fall in our new house and it’s a whole new story. There are lots of trees and lots and lots of leaves. This fall my kids are experiencing how much work AND how much fun it can be.

That was only a weeks worth of leaves and only part of what is in our yard. I’m confident there will be plenty of more of this in the days ahead. I’m not complaining.

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Pictures: Back to School & Perching

The kids had a great first day of school. Except that Cody’s day ended kinda yucky. He came off the bus crying. He had a bloody nose! I guess him and another boy were rough-housing and he accidently got hit in the face. Poor guy. Overall they had a great day and they all seemed to like their teachers.

Kevin Melissa

And here’s Kendra perching on the bench in the back yard. Maybe she was a cat or a bird in a former life? 🙂

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