The Elves were Slackin'

Cody thinks Santa’s elves were slackin’ this year. First, when they packaged his new Star Wars Legos the Complete Saga game for the PS3, they didn’t ensure the disk was properly secured so it was free-floating in the box. He was so NOT OK with this even though the game was fine and him and I have played countless hours together since Christmas morning.) 🙂

The really cool remote control fighter helicopters he and Casey got from Santa Christmas morning lasted all of maybe 1 hour tops. For Cody, his lasted all of one take-off before it crashed and broke. We were so NOT OK with this. (We paid Santa’s elves $70.00 for the helicopter set).

THEN, the lamp/organizer/ipod speakers Sissa got for her birthday flat out didn’t work at all. No light. No music. Nada. WE were so NOT OK with that either.

All of the above did make for a fun day shopping yesterday though. We gave ‘the elves’ back the helicopters and let the boys pick out something else entirely. They ended up with nerf dart guns (Casey got two different dart guns, Cody got one gun, two dragon figurines, and one Star Wars figurine) and have had more enjoyment out of those dart guns in the last 12 hours than those stupid helicopters ever would have. (The helicopters sure were a neat idea though.) We also exchanged Sissa’s lamp/organizer/iPod speakers with one that worked.

MP3/iPod Lamp Organizer

MP3/iPod Lamp Organizer

During the exchange of her lamp, (at Burlington Coat Factory) we met the biggest slacker elf of all. Well at least the strangest ‘elf’. Possibly even a bi-polar elf. She was the oddest mixture of friendly and rude at the same time I think I’ve ever encountered.

She started off cheerful and greeted me kindly, asked how she could help, etc. But when she found out I wanted to exchange the lamp she frowned and examined the box and asked me accusingly,

“What happened to the box?”

There was nothing wrong with the box other than Sissa opened it on the seam instead of at the top. There were no dents, holes, etc. Nothing to indicate it had been dropped or damaged in any way. I shrugged and told her nothing was wrong with it and I have no idea why it was opened on the seam. I jokingly added that my kids always seem to open boxes in the most difficult way instead of the obvious/easier way. (You should see how they open cereal boxes… it’s baffling.) Checkout girl… er ‘efl’ just gave me blank stare. She didn’t think it was one bit funny. After she was done staring me down, she gave me a fake/sarcastic smile and another accusation:

AND, I see you didn’t leave the UPC on the box.”

To which I explained, “Nope. It was a gift”. (I blinked back at her.)

She gave me a condescending look, rolled her eyes, and said in the snarkiest way possible,

“You could have scratched off the price instead while leaving the UPC intact.”

I just gaped at her and did not reward her with an answer. I’m the one who should be frustrated here, not her. AND. Once I purchase an item, I OWN it. If I want to take off the UPC and open the box in a strange way, that’s my prerogative. Where’s the apology about the broken item? Where’s the cheerful, kind person who greeted me not two minutes ago?

Did I mention I had the receipt? The receipt that was bar-coded? All she had to do was scan the receipt and item came up. Having the UPC wasn’t even needed to exchange the item. I kept my mouth shut not allowing her to ruin my good mood.

Once the exchange was complete she handed me the new lamp in a new bag, smiled genuinely and kindly wished us a very happy New Year. Not one hint of the snarky bitch she was being 2 minutes ago.

Snow in our Backyard

Snow in our Backyard

Snow in our Backyard,
originally uploaded by SpaceyMom.

So.. how about that snow? We have a foot accumulated on our patio table, and about 8 – 13 inches in our back and front yards (depending on the location). I’ve uploaded a few photos to our Flickr.

According to the news articles this is the third largest snow storm in our area since the 1940’s. It’s certainly the biggest snow storm I’ve seen in this area, though.

It didn’t stop us from going shopping yesterday. We slapped some chains on the Escort and had no problems navigating the snowy, icy roads. That said, Jack did manage to make us do a 180 around one corner. He did it on purpose, however, didn’t expect us to stop facing the wrong way. Dork.

Shop till you drop

Tomorrow is Father’s day and also Kayla’s graduation party, and also Katherine’s birthday party. (Why not combine everything into one? Besides, Kayla leaves for California/Disneyland on Tuesday morning so it’s this weekend or never…) As such today was the only day to get caught up on laundry, get the house straightened up, fix the window the air conditioner goes into, etc. etc. etc. We got most of that done, but mostly we shopped.

First stop was Lowes for new plexi-glass (for the air conditioner window), some drill bit thing Jack couldn’t live without, some weed & grass killer for the gravel area on the side of our house, some weed n’ feed for the grass, and a spreader (old one broke). We came home after that and set about our chores only to discover we didn’t have the weed & grass killer. We looked high and low and we just didn’t have it. Melissa wanted to go to the store anyway to pick up a birthday gift for one of her friends so back out shopping we went.

We decided to get gas and the cheapest in town is at Costco ($4.15/gallon… OWIE). Since we were already at Costco we ran in to pick up “a few things”. While there we decided to pick up some lunch and I splurged and got a very berry sundae. UGH. Waaaaay too much ice cream. I may need some Phentermine after that. 😦

The “few things” ended up being $600 worth of groceries. Our cart was overflowing. But our pantry and cupboards are full. That’s always a good feeling. Plus while there we found the perfect birthday gift for Casey. After a quick stop at R&D’s to stash the birthday present for the next month, it was back to Lowe’s (itt urns out we weren’t ever charged for the weed & grass killer and it got left on the counter) then to Fred Meyer’s for some stuff Costco doesn’t carry.

I’m still not caught up on the laundry (am I ever???) because of all this shopping and I’m beat. But at least I got some sort of a workout today. After eating that sundae, this is a good thing.

"I'm going to Disneyland!"

That’s what she keeps saying, and it just trips me out.

Our little girl… who’s the oldest little girl in our family, will be graduating from high school Friday. Then, shortly thereafter she’ll be taking the long trip to Southern California for an internship at Disneyland.

I’m a Disney lover. Always have been. It’s the happiest place on earth, right? It was to me when I got to visit when I was 11 years old, and it was to my mother who lived only miles and got to hang out with the real Mouseketeers when she was a child. (She thought that was no big deal at the time…)

So I’ve been mildly obsessed with all things Disney lately. Even looking into some Disney fine art as possibly part of a graduation present for her new place. So much to choose from at! I so want this: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes or this: Morning Blossoms Tinker Bell. They have a little bit of everything, even abstract Disney art.

I also ended up watching this video of Trevor Carlton showing the making of a “Pie-Eyed Mickey” and thought it was pretty darn cool. If I lived near SLC, Utah I’d be totally checking out the Disney Fine Art Live Performance Event.

By the end of this month our girl will be LIVING all things Disney. I’m so happy and excited for her. And a little jealous, too. 🙂

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I’ve been trying to come up with a logo design for my site. Something I can use no matter what site layout I choose. It’s not easy. It needs to be spacy (duh) and fun. But I can’t seem to come up with one.

I tried out Logoyes the other day. It’s a logo design site that lets you create your own with clipart they provide. It’s basically a six step process that took me all of 5 minutes to come up with this:

1. You choose your overall theme: High Tech, Bold, or Flair. I chose Flair.
2. Choose your industry… I don’t remember which industry I chose but didn’t matter because…
3. when choosing an image you can just search for a keyword. I chose “moon”
4. Added the name
5. Put the final touches on the overall layout. Here I could move the name and the graphic wherever I wanted, and choose the colors.
6. The last step is to buy the logo. I didn’t have to buy one to try out their logo creator though.

You can also choose business cards to match. I don’t need business cards but I had fun playing with it anyway. If I was in the market for business cards, I liked these two designs:

This would be perfect if my site was a business site. It was so simple to create these and I had fun messing around with it.

Things never work out like you expect

Stupid JCPenney. So we got the curtain. And it’s freakin’ YELLOW. Those who know me know how that’s going over right now. I freakin’ HATE HATE HATE yellow.

Ugly Yellow Curtain I ordered this from a picture online and in their catalog. It’s off-white on my screen. Not LEMON yellow. The description said “creamy vanilla”. And while some vanilla is yellow, I think of off-white, not yellow when I think of vanilla. They also had a ‘gold’ version and when comparing the swatches (online and in the catalog) the creamy vanilla one definitely did NOT look yellow.

We aren’t even going to try to make it work. We held it up to the window and as the sun shown through it and it turned a ghastly lemon yellow I might have thrown up a bit in my mouth. (Not really, and I actually hate that phrase, lol). But now I get it. The yellow just doesn’t come through in pictures. This is a picture I took of it and it doesn’t look anywhere near as yellow as it really is.

We did get a PlayStation3 and Rock Band. I was overruled. All these boys… they won the battle. We also finally got the Bose home theater sound system I’ve been wanting for 900 years. (Well, the one I really want is true surround sound… and only costs $1999.99…) The one we got is pretty kick-ass though.

New TV Stand and PS3 We got a new TV stand that allows us to mount the TV up a bit. We then moved furniture around yesterday, putting our entertainment center back together in the living room. We then decided to watch a movie with our new sound system (Casino Royal in Blu-ray that our Friend Derrick brought over… it was just OK) and finally hit the hay at 4:30 AM this morning. I don’t DO 4:30 AM anymore. I’m feeling it now: hung over. Which is odd since I didn’t drink anything but water last night. I know I slept good and didn’t move a muscle as if I was sleeping on a memory foam mattress… but the kids woke us up at 9AM.

Overall I’m pleased with our new stuff and it’s just the curtain I hate. Not enough sleep = cranky parents, though. Jack and I are trying to not be bitchy at each other as we put our house back together and deal with missing pieces of our entertainment center and curtains that are puke-yellow. Hopefully we’ll make it through the day without kicking each other.

Yay for sunny days!

Partly sunny. Highs 65 to 70. East wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the southeast in the afternoon.

That’s the forecast today. After the rain, hail, and even snow we’ve had for the past two weeks, I’m definitely ready for a nice day. We can get the lawn mowed, do some yard work and just enjoy being outside.

Last weekend we went shopping at JCPenney and almost took Jeff’s advise of running through the store with chocolate ice cream as pay back for them leaving an ink-filled control tag on one of the items we purchased.

Should we run through JCPenney with Ice Cream? But we were good. We ate the ice cream outside the store. And Jack managed to get the tag off on his own anyway without ruining the pants. (I couldn’t find the receipt before we went to JCP but did find it later that night. Go figure.)

The patio curtain we ordered has arrived so we’ll be picking that up and installing it today. It better work out! I am not confident the old lady working the drapery department understood exactly what we needed. She insisted this would work. So we’ll see.

Since we got a refund from the IRS this year we’re going to look into finalizing our home theater ideas. We have the wide screen TV. And while at JCP last weekend we picked up a beautiful painting to go above our couch in the family room. Now we just need the sound system, maybe some home theater sconces to go with the painting, and a High Def DVD player. Jack and the kids also want a new gaming console… either an XBox360 or a PlayStation3. I don’t want either but Jack says getting one of those kills two birds with one stone as either of them will play DVDs in high definition (or blueray or whatever is popular this week). I can’t believe they want yet another gaming console. Boys and their toys…