If I Were a Rich Man

Last night we watched Kevin in his high school’s performance of Fiddler on the Roof. I was so impressed with how much work these kids put into this. They worked hard and it paid off. Poor Kevin even lost his voice Thursday night during their first performance. He’s had to nurse it the rest of the weekend so he could sing without issue.

We’re going to see it again next weekend and we’ll record the whole thing. For now, here he is singing “If I Were a Rich Man:

Pearl Jam

Over fifteen years ago I met the man who would become my my husband and the father of children to come. As I was becoming friends, then close friends, and eventually falling in love with this man, a certain relatively new band was all over the radio and charts singing songs that seemed to be pulled straight out of my soul. That time wasn’t an easy time for Jack and I and there were many nights where music was the only thing that got us through those difficult moments. Pearl Jam played a pretty big role in that. For me specifically: Black.

When a friend gave me Eddie Vedder’s “Into the Wild” it only renewed my love for Eddie’s voice, and Pearl Jam in general. In all these years, I’ve never once gotten tired of Pearl Jam. I can’t say that about many bands. They just seem timeless to me.

Music has always had been a big deal for Jack and I. In our early years we attended concerts such as Lollapalooza ’96 in George, WA where we got to see Devo, Ramones, Soundgarden, and Metallica. That same year we went to Rockfest in Estacada, OR where I got knocked out cold in the mosh pit and carried off by security, thankfully to recover in time to enjoy Candlebox from our blanket far far away from the mosh pit… (Jack’s not let me within 50 feet of a mosh pit since…..). I stood in line when I was pregnant out to ———–> here to get us Metallica tickets for their 1998 concert at Portland Meadows. The last concert was Rockfest 2005 where we took the oldest kids and one of their friends to see Mudvayne and Disturbed. This was Kevin’s first concert and watching through his eyes and seeing the unadulterated joy in them was an awesome moment. All of these concerts were amazing moments for Jack and I. Yet somehow we’d never got around to seeing Pearl Jam.

In mid August I read in our local paper that Pearl Jam added a tour stop in Ridgefield, WA. This was their “Portland, OR” stop (which is silly since Portland is 15 miles south in a different state, but I guess no one’s heard of Ridgefield, or Vancouver, WA…) at the Clark County Amphitheater. This wasn’t on their original tour list so I was completely stoked that we might have the chance to see them. I checked it out the price on the ticketmaster website and it said $25.00. We could totally do that!

I marked the date tickets went on sale on my calendar and at the very moment they opened the site up to buy tickets, I was there, poised and ready. I got decent seats and on the last page the price was listed… I was about to complete the sale… and lets just say that it was nowhere NEAR the $25.00 per ticket I thought it was going to be. I was instantly devastated. The number staring back at me was NOT something we could afford. I showed it to Jack and he was like, “oh well”. I wasn’t “oh well” about it at all. I was crushed.

The page I was on said I had 3 minutes to complete the sale. I abandoned it and started over thinking I might have done something wrong. I know I had gone to the ticketmaster site 5-6 times before that day and checked for updated information and the only price ever up until that day was $25.00. (It turns out that’s how much the parking pass was…) I tried to start the purchase over but then the site wouldn’t load. I was stuck “waiting in line”. Ten minutes passed and I still couldn’t get it. Before I knew it tears were falling down my face. I don’t know why I got so upset. I wasn’t sobbing or even bawling, but I couldn’t fight back tears. I really had my heart set on seeing them.

Jack saw my tears and asked me how bad I wanted to see them. Uh.. I’m crying here.. so.. HELLO? I actually don’t remember what my answer was. I felt kinda stupid for crying over a silly concert. Then he said he had the ticketmaster site up on his computer and only had a minute or so to complete HIS purchase of two Pearl Jam tickets. Since the concert was only a couple weeks after his birthday, he said he’d like the tickets for his birthday and I better hurry up and answer. Naturally I said HELL YEAH!

Jack still got a small celebration and a few small items for his birthday, but in reality, he donated whatever he might have gotten for his birthday because *I* wanted to see Pearl Jam so bad. Sure he did too but he wasn’t the one shedding tears over it. See why I married him? 🙂

Pearl Jam September 26, 1009 Ridgefield, WA

Pearl Jam September 26, 2009 Ridgefield, WA

Pearl Jam did not disappoint. Neither did their opening act, Ben Harper & Relentless 7. The concert was Saturday night and the weather was perfect, the crowd was awesome, the singing, the music, all of it was everything I thought it would be. When they played Black I got misty-eyed.

Pearl Jam, September 26, 2009 Ridgefield, WA

Pearl Jam, September 26, 2009 Ridgefield, WA

Eddie’s voice is amazing even live. A lot of bands have a hard time sounding as good as their studio albums when they play live. Few bands make the songs sound BETTER, but Pearl Jam can do the latter. I knew this already as I’ve wasted spent countless hours on YouTube in my lifetime watching live Pearl Jam performances. This is one of the reasons I wanted to see them so bad. I also had heard that Eddie Vedder was awesome at engaging and connecting with the crowd. The rumors were NOT unfounded. As an added bonus, Pearl Jam just released Backspacer a week ago and it’s amazing too.

Here’s one of my favorite YouTube videos, Pearl Jam Black:

I have a confession to make…

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It… the taste of her cherry chapstick…

WHY oh WHY do I have to like this song? And why does it get stuck in my head for hours and hours on end? The lyrics… oh so silly. It’s SOOOOOO corny and something I totally do not relate to (no offense to my girlfriends, lol). Yet when it comes on I turn up the radio and sing along. It’s kind of embarrassing.

Then it hit me. I can’t NOT like this song. It’s going to forever be associated with an awesome memory. In all it’s corniness and stupidity, I will always associate this song with fun times.

When we were in California we rented a limo at the suggestion of our hotel receptionist to transport us to Medieval Times. (Amazingly it was the cheapest way to get nine people 30 miles away from our hotel in SoCal.) For most of our kids it was the first time in a limousine. It was a very fancy limo with lights all over the inside, free drinks, DVD player, and an awesome stereo. As I was messing with the stereo this song came on and the kids made me stop and turn it up. So I obliged and all of them (the older ones at least) sang this whole song in unity while dancing in their seats, etc. They had such a blast being all cool in the limo, singing this song.

So, that’s my confession. I like this song. Please don’t hate me.

Music soothes the soul…

It was a stressful week. There wasn’t any one thing that made it stressful. Just the seemingly normal accumulation of things. Kids needing this and that. Kids not following rules. Work being crazy here and there. Certain people being dramatic here and there. By today I was frazzled.

Throughout the week I kept having these little anxiety issues.. I guess you’d call them anxiety attacks? They were mild though. Just moments where my heart would start pounding, I’d feel fidgety and nervous. By this afternoon I was feeling almost panicky and just wanting to cry. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) I got side-tracked with yet another issue and didn’t really cry and it subsided. Now I just feel tired and worn out.

The thing is, there wasn’t really anything that different happening this week over other weeks. But I did notice one thing: I never got around to turning on the radio or firing up my MP3 player. Not once all week. I almost always have the radio going. I really think that is the difference.

This evening I think I’m going to tune out with my iPod and try to relax. Music is like therapy for me and clearly helps me to relax and keep an even keel. I’m just wishing I had these Bose headphones instead of the cheap $10 ones I picked up a while back. Bose stuff rocks.

Here’s to hoping I have a stress-free music-filled weekend so I can start next week fresh. And if I seem cranky next week, remind me to flip on the radio.

Bullet Sunday #14 birthdays and storms

  • Today Kevin’s girlfriend threw him a surprise birthday party. It was a major surprise because we (Jack and I) didn’t even know about it until the last minute. She invited a bunch of his friends from his drama club at school, and a bunch of her family and friends of her family that he knows pretty well. Once I got over the shock that she’d go through all that trouble and not include us in the plans, I was thoroughly impressed with how well she put this thing together. Kevin was very shocked and surprised and loved every minute of it. Plus he still gets to go out to dinner at his favorite restaurant tomorrow with us, his girlfriend, and his best friend tomorrow night on his actual birthday. His sweet 16 will be a two day affair!
  • We went grocery shopping at Winco today. I avoid shopping there as much as I avoid shopping at Wal*Mart. I guess it’s because.. well, it’s like shopping at Wal*Mart on a smaller scale, and without all the departments. There’s too many people, not enough staff and what few staff they do have aren’t very friendly. But what I hate the most is having to bag my own groceries. You can’t beat the prices so I toughed it out just this once. It was nice that Kayla watched the kids for us while we went so at least we weren’t dragging bored kids along.
  • With the “special weather statement” I just received in my email today, I’m tempted with the whole Arizona thing again. It looks like we’re in for more wind and rain this week and after what we went through a couple weeks ago, this isn’t good news. There’s still many areas recovering from floods and landslides. Even though we’re not dealing with anything like that personally, after all the shopping and holiday hustle and bustle in this weather I could use a break from being out in the cold and rain. An Arizona bed and breakfast sounds really nice. I just wish if we were going to have yucky weather it was at least in the form of snow.
  • Other than grocery shopping and Kevin’s surprise party, not a whole lot went on this weekend. This makes for boring blogging. So I’ll leave you with my new favorite Christmas song. (So what if it’s a little “twisted”.) If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan as much as I am (and yes I know Zeppelin played live in London December 10, 2007… I would have given a kidney to see that!) I’m sure you’ll love this too. Right click and “save as” please. 🙂

I Blame Facebook

….for wasting my time today. Seriously…. that is some addicting stuff!

I joined Facebook about a month ago… and never did anything with it. Then today I was talking to Jasons (plural because I was chatting with both of the Jasons in my life.. at the same time even) and it turned out they used Facebook and knew all about it. So between the two of them they got me thoroughly hooked. I even wasted an hour playing a music trivia game (I made it to “Music Junkie with my score) when I should have been doing laundry. I invited Jack and I’m sure he’ll be addicted in no time as well.

I was impressed how much more superior Facebook is compared to MySpace… and much more fun. I’m still confused on how to do certain things like link to my profile, but I’m learning. It seems a bit more safe too so maybe I can talk my kids into ditching MySpace for Facebook? I’m certainly going to try.

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What a Wonderful Day

My mom, sister, and I have gone to the Komen Survivor Celebration Luncheon for many years. As of this year, my mom is celebrating 22 years of survival after breast cancer and this month my sister is celebrating her 7th month as a survivor. Every year they have ended the celebration with a candle lighting ceremony. First they have those who’ve survived 25+ years stand up and light their candle, then those who have survived 20+ years, those 15+ years, etc. Then those who’ve been diagnosed in the past year stand up with their candles then gather around the stage while the others gather around them and sing the song, “What a Wonderful Day” written by Tricia Walker. This is so those going through their first year of surviving are surrounded and supported by those who have been there.

Tricia Walker wrote and performed this song several years ago specifically for a survivors luncheon. If nothing else provoked tears from me during these luncheons, singing that song while standing with my arm around my mom and seeing all these women who are alive and celebrating holding their candles high, always did.

This year they ended the luncheon with a candle ceremony, but it wasn’t THE candle ceremony we are used to. They stood and lit their candles as normal, but then a choir sang some religious song I’ve never heard before and that was that. I’m sure to some it was a great song, but the singing was only so-so and it really held very little meaning or significance for us. The song had nothing to do with surviving cancer that I could tell and it wasn’t a group effort like in the past. It’s different when EVERYONE in the room is signing a song, especially when it’s a song that means something and everyone is feeling it. The energy alone can bring you to tears. I looked around this year and some seemed into it but most seemed to feel awkward standing there with their candles not really knowing what else to do. They didn’t even have the first years come forward. 😦

So I went looking for a reason why they didn’t have us sing What a Wonderful Day and couldn’t find one. After a lot of tricky searching on google I DID find the song and the lyrics. My husband enhanced it and converted it to MP3. Here you go, Mom and Kellie. 🙂

What a Wonderful Day

Did you see the sunrise this morning?
Did you hear the mockingbird sing?
Did you touch the hand of a good friend?
Well, that’s a beautiful thing
Did you taste a strong cup of coffee?
Did you smell the freshly cut hay?
Did you sing, “I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive,
What a wonderful day!”

Do you feel like the road you’ve been walking
Is a little too lonely and dark?
I will walk here beside you,
And I will listen with my heart
I may not have all the answers,
But I thank God when I pray,
That you’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive,
What a wonderful day!

What a wonderful day,
What a wonderful day.
You’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive.
What a wonderful day!

Now there’ll be moments of laughter
And there’ll be a time for tears
But when you need a shoulder
I will always be here
We’ve been through this together
And now we all can say
That we’re alive! we’re alive! we’re alive!
What a wonderful day!

What a wonderful day!
What a wonderful day!
We’re alive! we’re alive! we’re alive!
What a wonderful day!

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Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen of my Favorite Songs
(in no particular order)

  1. Somewhere in the Middle – Dishwalla
  2. Bitter Sweet – Entwine
  3. Thank You – Led Zeppelin
  4. Hallowed be thy Name – Iron Maiden
  5. Change – Candlebox
  6. Bound – Disturbed
  7. Imaginary – Evanescence
  8. Beloved Wife – Natalie Merchant
  9. It’s Been a While – Staind
  10. Changes – 3 Doors Down
  11. Fade to Black – Metallica
  12. In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
  13. Lost Realist – Trapt

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I have literally hundreds (maybe thousands with Jack’s combined?) of MP3’s on my computer and in my play lists. So to come up with the list I picked the bands that were always in my play lists then picked one of my favorites from each band. These songs almost always show up in my play lists and have some sort of special meaning to me.

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Stolen from Ben:

The Soundtrack of your Life
Here’s how it works:

  1. Open your iTunes/mp3 player
  2. Put it on shuffle.
  3. Press play.
  4. For every “life moment”, type the song that’s playing.
  5. When you get to a new moment press the next button on your mp3 player.

Ready? GO!

Opening Credits:
“Over the Hills and Far Away” – Led Zeppelin

Waking Up:
“Holy Diver” – Dio

Falling In Love:
“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” – Stevie Nicks (Tom Petty)

Fight Scene:
“Shine” – Collective Soul

Breaking Up:
“Everlong” – Foo Fighters

Life’s Okay:
“Dust in the Wind” – Kansas (LOL)

Mental Breakdown:
“Counting Stars” – Sugarcult

“For You” – Staind

“Colorful” – The Verve Pipe

Happy Dance:
“Refill my Soul” – Entwine (there’s nothing “Happy Dance” about Entwine music…)

“Cover Me” – Candlebox

Final Battle:
“Lost Realist” – Trapt

Death Scene:
“Crazy on You” – Heart

Ending Credits:
“Rebellion (Lies)” – The Arcade Fire

 Fun stuff 🙂