I know I'm slackin'…

We’ve just been crazy busy!

School is ending… and with that many milestones are being accomplished. I promise a real update later detailing all that’s happened, but here’s a hint: Kevin has graduated from high school! (I can still barely type those words … much less think about it, without welling up in tears..)

Here’s another tidbit: a clip from Kevin’s farewell choir concert… the last time he’ll ever get to perform with his high school choir.

New Graduates

Here’s a quick update on the new happenings in our crazy household. This week flew by in a whirlwind of activity:

Jack had surgery on Tuesday to correct the issue with the gland in his neck. That went very smoothly and fairly quickly despite the surgery taking a bit longer than anticipated due to scar tissue build up from his surgery 11 years ago. Basically it was the polar opposite of my recent surgery experience.

Thursday was the last day of school for my kiddos. Their first day of summer was stormy and a bit wild weather-wise. There were even warnings of cold core funnels. (I’d never heard of those before) but fortunately we didn’t see anything like that and our patio furniture survived the weather this time.

And to top if off Kat turned 18 and we went to two graduation ceremonies. Casey graduated elementary school and will be in Junior High School next year. Katherine graduated high school. Here’s our new graduates:

Casey, Katherine, Graduation 005

Casey, Katherine, Graduation 031

Congratulations to Mo, and Kat!