Exercise and weight loss

Remember this rant? Exercise only affects 5% of weight loss… WTF?

Ever since then, I keep hearing that this may actually be true: Exercise has a lot less of an affect on weight loss than previously thought. I had such a hard time wrapping my brain around that concept, but more and more articles are saying so and it’s starting to make a little bit of sense to me.

I know many who have lost weight with the “eat less move more” mindset as posted in this article, “Exercise? A fat lot of good that is for weight loss”. I’ve lost weight with this mindset. But everyone I know who’s gone this route has gained most, if not all of it, back. I lost 50 lbs! But I gained 15 back, then lost five again and am currently plateaued and have been for two years.

Here’s a quote from The Times article where The Mayo Clinic concluded, from recent research, that:

Most studies have demonstrated no or modest weight loss with exercise alone … patients should have realistic expectations, an exercise regimen … is unlikely to result in short-term weight loss beyond what is achieved with dietary change.

So I guess instead of looking for a gym membership, I should be consulting with a dietitian? 🙂

Want a side of E. Coli with that?

If you follow me on Twitter, you likely saw this update:

Pretty sure I just got over a touch of food poisoning. Blech. Feeling a bit better now. #fb8:15 PM Jun 3rd from TwitterFon

Then I posted the next Friday about it:

Wednesday I got some sort of food poisoning or a strange 8 hour bug or something. Around 1 PM or so, I started feeling like crap, continued to feel like crap while spending lots of time in the bathroom until about 8 PM. Then I miraculously felt better and ate some soup. I’m leaning toward food poisoning.

Then I hear about this: Toll House cookie dough recalled, linked to E. coli

Guess what I was nibbling on the prior Tuesday night and Wednesday morning?
If you guessed Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough… you’re 100% accurate. Jack and Sissa bought a tub of it the day before and we had a few nibbles off it before cookies were baked that night. Wednesday morning I ate a spoonful right out of the tub. As a diabetic I know that’s a no-no but it was only a spoonful. Or maybe it was two? I love chocolate chip cookie dough.

But really? E. Coli?? Did I get a touch of E. Coli? I was sick for about 8 hours… Can someone even get a “touch” of something like that? I was the only one who got sick… and it didn’t last days like many with E. Coli symptoms do.. but still. That’s a weird coincidence.

Shop till you drop

Tomorrow is Father’s day and also Kayla’s graduation party, and also Katherine’s birthday party. (Why not combine everything into one? Besides, Kayla leaves for California/Disneyland on Tuesday morning so it’s this weekend or never…) As such today was the only day to get caught up on laundry, get the house straightened up, fix the window the air conditioner goes into, etc. etc. etc. We got most of that done, but mostly we shopped.

First stop was Lowes for new plexi-glass (for the air conditioner window), some drill bit thing Jack couldn’t live without, some weed & grass killer for the gravel area on the side of our house, some weed n’ feed for the grass, and a spreader (old one broke). We came home after that and set about our chores only to discover we didn’t have the weed & grass killer. We looked high and low and we just didn’t have it. Melissa wanted to go to the store anyway to pick up a birthday gift for one of her friends so back out shopping we went.

We decided to get gas and the cheapest in town is at Costco ($4.15/gallon… OWIE). Since we were already at Costco we ran in to pick up “a few things”. While there we decided to pick up some lunch and I splurged and got a very berry sundae. UGH. Waaaaay too much ice cream. I may need some Phentermine after that. 😦

The “few things” ended up being $600 worth of groceries. Our cart was overflowing. But our pantry and cupboards are full. That’s always a good feeling. Plus while there we found the perfect birthday gift for Casey. After a quick stop at R&D’s to stash the birthday present for the next month, it was back to Lowe’s (itt urns out we weren’t ever charged for the weed & grass killer and it got left on the counter) then to Fred Meyer’s for some stuff Costco doesn’t carry.

I’m still not caught up on the laundry (am I ever???) because of all this shopping and I’m beat. But at least I got some sort of a workout today. After eating that sundae, this is a good thing.

Water is my friend

Water is my friend. Water is my friend. Water is my friend. This is what I have to remind myself every time I go get some boring old water to drink. Which happens to be every day. (You know… because if you don’t drink water you’ll die n’ stuff..)

I’m not a big water drinker. I never have been. But when the big Diabetes Diagnosis came, I suddenly had very little choice in the matter.

For a while (over a year actually) I drank low-carb flavored bottled water. Unfortunately splenda does a number on my stomach. It took me a long time to realize all the stomach “issues” I was having was a result of my flavored bottled water addiction. (I would drink 4-5 a day and thought the issues I was having was a side effect of having my gall bladder removed). It wasn’t until this past year and I lost my job (and therefore stopped buying the flavored stuff) that these issue cleared up. Put two and two together.. you get the idea. I can drink it occasionally without too much of an issue. But lets just say I’m much happier not running to the bathroom an extra 4-5 times a day.

A year and a half ago we bought a new refrigerator that came with a filtered water dispenser. Because of this I’ve become a water snob. It’s bad enough that I don’t like water… Now I refuse to drink tap water. I about gag if it’s not filtered. Our kids have gotten used to it as well and they won’t drink tap water either. Unfortunately the reservoir on our fridge doesn’t hold enough cold water to supply a family of six — sometimes nine. (Which is fine if you don’t mind water that’s out-of-the-tap cold rather than refrigerated cold, which I do.) So I try to keep a bottle of water (filtered of course) in the fridge at all times. This is handy when we got out of the house because I can just grab the bottle and go. The downside is if we’re gone a long time I have to either bring multiple bottles of water, purchase more at the store (expensive), or… *gag* drink tap water. I’d rather go without if the latter is the case. Water Bottle

This week I was introduced to a new type of water bottle filter: A water bottle that filters itself. You fill it up with tap water then screw on the cap with the filter attached. As you drink the water is filtered.

I was skeptical as I tested it out. It was physically hard for me to fill up the bottle from the kitchen sink and purposely drink it. But I was shocked. This thing is pure genius. I did a taste test and filled a cup with the tap water and took a sip. Yuck. Then I drank from my new water bottle. It was perfect.

I can have filtered water wherever I go while the filter removes chlorine, the bad taste of tap water and significant proportions of heavy metals including lead, mercury, and copper. The filter is supposed to last 200 refills, or 60-90 days. The replacement filters are pretty inexpensive at $12.95 for two. This is far far cheaper than I was spending on the flavored and regular bottled water… I will let you know how I feel about it when it’s time to replace the filter, but so far I’m loving it!

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Bringing in the New Year with Scattergories

How did you bring in the New Year?

What I thought was going to be a nice, quiet, maybe even boring night at home turned into a mini party. Kayla came over, as did Kevin’s girlfriend. Combined with Melissa, Casey, Cody, Jack and I, we had a small crowd. We ended up playing Scattergories and got so into the game we almost missed the ball dropping! At literally two minutes to midnight I glanced at the clock and shouted it was time to make some noise, so we threw down our pencils and grabbed some pots and pans just in time to watch the ball drop, then we headed outside. Brrrr!

I have heard Scattergories was a fun game but I’ve never played it before. It’s a blast! Playing Scattergories with children is interesting as well and can get goofy. For example, when our letter was ‘T’ and one of the categories was “Things you keep hidden”, Jack put down, “Tiny Ninjas“. I challenged this and was voted down. Then Kayla put down Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for things in a suitcase… and I was once again voted down on that challenge. I still don’t think those were acceptable answers but whatever. 🙂 The children thought otherwise.

Neon Underglow There was a point where the category was car parts and I had a hard time with this one as the letter was ‘N’. I got nothing on this, but Casey and Melissa smoked us by putting Neon Underglow and Nitric. I would have had one if the letter was ‘C’; Corvette accessories. Oh well. We played several rounds and didn’t go to bed till at 2:30 AM. (Do you think that neon stuff would look good on a minivan??)

This morning (read: “noon”) Jack and I made a big breakfast to start off our New Year that consisted of pancakes, little sausages, and turkey bacon. Then… we played more Scattergories. Now we’re about to take down all of our Christmas lights and tree. It’s time to get things back in order.

Speaking of Jack…. he’s been spotted writing an actual post over at jackntracie.com. I suppose it is time to dust off the cobwebs and start posting over there as well.

I hope your New Year’s day was as fun and enjoyable as ours has been so far.

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