Pat Moore Quality Cars

Just over a month ago I promised I’d post my good customer service story sometime that week. So I’m a little late…

Before I begin this post, I want to provide a little disclaimer. I’m NOT being paid to write this post. Nor am I receiving any products or kickbacks. No one even asked me to write about this. I want to share what I felt was an awesome car-buying experience, something I feel is rare nowadays. It’s hard to find a GOOD car dealership who will treat you right. Pat Moore went above and beyond what I feel most dealerships would do.

At the end of May this year, we bought our Chevy Suburban at Pat Moore Quality Cars

New Suburban

I posted the horrid story of the dealership we dealt with before we found Pat Moore and I already posted about how awesome Pat Moore was, but their memorable service didn’t end there.

A few days after we brought home our ‘Burb we found the battery dead. We became a bit concerned because the battery was dead when we went to test drive it the day we bought it. The dealership had left the hatch up all day so the lights were on. We figured it might not have received a good charge so we charged it.

A week or so later it was dead again. By then I was beginning to think it was my cell phone charger. The lighter in the ‘Burb runs even if the car is off and the charger has a light on it that lets you know it’s plugged in. So it’s constantly drawing power. I made sure it wasn’t plugged in when not in use. I charged the battery again and it ran fine for several days.

Then I found it dead AGAIN. What made it worse is every time I found it dead, it was when I’d be heading out to take Miss H. to an appt. I had to call and reschedule that appointment THREE times due to the battery being dead all THREE times! I couldn’t decide if my new ‘Burb just wanted to mess with me, or if this was some sort of omen that Miss H. shouldn’t GO to these appointments, lol.

Technically we bought the ‘Burb as-is, but I called Pat Moore anyway just to see what they had to say after I had explained what was going on. Especially since they had killed the battery too before we bought it. I was surprised at their reaction. I fully expected them to tell me “too bad so sad”. (AS-IS!!) and I was ready to meet them halfway on a new battery or having a mechanic look at it. Instead they asked me to bring it in as soon as it was convenient for me and they’d replace the battery at their expense. (!!!) I went over there on my lunch break and they sent me down the road to a battery place. They had already called ahead for me and purchased the NEW battery. All I had to do was show up and get it replaced. The only cost to me was the gas to get there.

Things were fine for a month or so then the battery started dying again. So, I called Pat Moore back. Once again, they shocked me. They asked me to bring the ‘Burb in so they could have their mechanic look at it. They also offered me a loaner vehicle because it might take a few days. If I couldn’t get it running to get there, they even offered to come get it FOR me. But since we have a charger I was able to deliver it. True to their word, they gave me a mini-van as a loaner. FREE of charge.

It turns out there was nothing wrong with it other than operator error. If the doors don’t all get shut tight, the door light stays on. It’s got such good seals that the last door to get shut sometimes doesn’t latch all the way if you don’t shut it hard enough. And it’s hard to tell a door isn’t shut all the way if you’re not actually looking for that to happen. Ever since we’ve been diligent about making sure all the doors are shut 100% and haven’t had a single problem.

So in reality, the whole thing was our fault yet they went out of their way to buy us a new battery, give us a loaner car, and have it checked out all at their expense.

The tip of the iceberg? When we went to bring back the loaner and pick up the ‘Burb from Pat Moore, we arrived about 45 minutes before we said we’d be there. We were a bit stunned at what we saw when we arrived. We caught Pat Moore in the act of… washing our dirty suburban by hand. He was about half way done when we arrived and he looked a bit sheepish. He said “ah you caught me! It was a bit dusty so I thought I’d get it cleaned up for ya” … It was filthy because one of the roads on the way to the dealership was under construction and nothing but gravel for a mile or so. It got covered in dust when I brought it there to be looked at.

That … is what I call … Exceptional Customer Service. And from a car dealership no less! *Two thumbs up*