Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-05-24

  • First round of medical bills have started rolling in. $1500 in the hole and counting. 😦 #
  • Just got back from the dump. EWWW. At least we got the truck running. #
  • And by “we” I mean, @erie_wilson of course. 😉 We did have a few more things to do to get it to go. It still needs work. Lots of work. #
  • Hilarious! RT @flashydreams: I’ve only read 3 comments, and I’m still laughin’… only 250+ to go. http://is.gd/yUt0 #
  • OMG. Best. American Idol. Finale. Ever!! I mean…Kiss!?! Jack almost had a heart attack. Seriously… He was freaking OUT. 😉 #fb #
  • It’s over and I’m happy. That’s all I can say about that. #fb #

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-05-17

  • I haven’t touched my computer since Friday at noon. I’m soooo behind on emails & comments & such. #
  • It only took 6 hours but I’m caught up! (mostly…) I had a great mother’s day, btw. 🙂 #
  • Worked a bit late tonight. Gonna go do dishes, fold laundry (it’s always about the damn laundry isn’t it?), then watch American Idol. #
  • Randy always booing Simon sure gets old after a while. #
  • RT Retweet this if you disagree with Twitter’s decision to hide replies to people you don’t follow #fixreplies #twitterfail #
  • RT @flashydreams: they’re watching…and brainstorming http://bit.ly/RaaD5 #twitterfail #fixreplies #
  • Google news is down…. who cares. #
  • What sucks is Gmail not saving my “Always display images” settings on my contacts. Hasn’t worked right for over a week. ANNOYING! #
  • My mom is taking me to see the American Idols Live concert in July. How cool is that?! #fb #
  • Dragon slain!! Yes!! #
  • It’s Friday evening. The sun is shining. It’s warm outside, & it’s going to be sunny & warm all weekend. Yay! #
  • Spring cleaning all morning. Hoping to get it done by this afternoon so we can enjoy this awesome weather! #
  • Got tons of projects done today. Many small home improvements. Enjoyed the sunshine. Tired. Yard work tomorrow, & more sunshine!! Yay! #fb #
  • I bit the bullet and decided to read Twilight. Now it’s almost 2 AM and I’m still reading. Gah! Can’t put it down. #fb #
  • Jack had to work last night. “Monthly downtime”. Then got paged with an issue that wasn’t his problem early this morning. Happens every time #
  • Baking in the sun. Doing yard work. Listening to music on my iPod. http://twitpic.com/5dty4 #

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-05-10

  • Tonight we try to figure out what to do about this pretty tree. So many blooms it’s falling over! http://twitpic.com/4mboh #
  • Adam Lambert did pretty OK on Whole Lotta Love tonight. And I’m picky about Led Zeppelin. #fb #
  • I know times are rough all over, but does that mean people have to be so cranky to each other? Sheesh. #
  • OMFG Star Trek was freaking awesome!!! #fb #
  • Had a girlie day with Sissa. Got pedicures & hair done. Met up with the guys & did some shopping. Relaxing tonight w/ a movie. Awesome day! #