Fixed the ie6 issue

I finally fixed the IE6 issue only to be faced with a new issue. Adding new categories is broken. That happened after a recent update to WordPress. It’s fine on my other blog though so I don’t know if it’s a theme issue or what’s going on. 😦 It can be really frustrating dealing with all these little miscellaneous issues to keep a blog going. It feels like I’ve aged 20 years and should be looking into assisted living software with the amount of time I’ve spent fixing this stuff. If anyone knows anything about the category issue after updating to WordPress 2.3.2, feel free to contact me. I sure would appreciate it. 🙂

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Blame the absence on IE6

It’s come to my attention this new theme looks like total crap in IE6. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE internet explorer????) Every time I get a theme I love that I can tweak, it totally looks like crap in IE. So that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting. My blog is broken and looks like kaka and I can’t figure it out. This is not the first time this has happened and it just frustrates me. Why do themes have to be hacked to bits to get IE to play nice? Oh that’s right.. because IE sucks as much as living with diabetes does and doesn’t play by the rules.

Actually, that’s not the only thing keeping me away. My hours at my job went from part time to full time. I’m working full time again!! So I don’t have as much time to work on silly things like dealing with the suckfest that is IE. I did try fixing the theme again after work tonight but I still can’t figure it out. Next step (tomorrow) is to reload it from scratch and start over. (Pssst. Firefox rules!)

Tonight is hopefully going to be a repeat from last week: quiet, fire, in front of the TV. Especially since just today I found out that we’ve been watching our favorite TV shows on the wrong channels. We got our HDTV last spring and never knew that in order to get HD through our cable box we have to switch which set of channels we watch. For example, if we want to watch channel 12, we need to tune to channel 712, channel 6 is 706, channel 2 is 702, etc. There’s many networks that still don’t broadcast in HD but I’m glad to know there are several who do. And here I thought the expensive HDMI cables we bought were worthless. Nope. It was just operator error.

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Cleaning up my rss reader

RSS Feed Icon Once I discovered the joy that is my RSS reader, I went a bit overboard. I subscribed to everyone I already had bookmarked, then hit that little orange RSS button wherever I saw it on sites I found even slightly interesting. I now find myself a bit overwhelmed and can’t keep up with everything.

I went on a cleaning spree and got rid of a bunch of my subscriptions. First, with the exception of online newspapers, anyone that offered only offered partial excerpts feeds were ditched. This cut down on a lot of my subscriptions. I then scrapped sites that had no new content for weeks or months, and I scrapped sites that were becoming too spammy.

I will never understand why people only offer excerpts. It’s been shown on many different pro-blogging sites that offering only excerpts will not guarantee more traffic to your site. If the average person is like me they will find partial feeds as frustrating as Christmas shopping for The Guy Who Has Everything. (Do you think he’d like these silver cufflinks?)

Think about it.. sites that only offered this were the FIRST to go out of my reader. I don’t care how wonderful your updates / posts are, the reason I choose to read your blog / web site through a reader is to save myself some time. What is really sad about this is a few of these sites I used to visit regularly via my bookmarks before I discovered how to use a reader. Now, I likely won’t be back to your site. So you’ve lost a reader AND a visitor.

I have found that I visit sites more often — especially if I want to leave a comment — if they offer the full post feed. If you’re only offering your RSS subscribers partial excerpt feeds, you’re selling yourself short. Don’t believe me? Read: 34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Your Blog. Look at what’s in the top three.

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Gmail fails me…

So, I mentioned yesterday that I’m not getting notifications of comments. I looked into it for a bit yesterday but had other things to do. This morning I woke up and started obsessing on it. I took a peek at all my settings, I set up a test account and posted comments, I googled it, searched on WordPress, and even posted a support ticket to my host. Nada.

But then I read on my host’s status page that there was a problem with forwards to Gmail and as of November 29, (which happens to be the last day I received a comment notification) there have been no updates stating the issue is resolved.

As a workaround, I changed all email settings with WordPress to go to a yahoo email address, and walla! I can receive comment notifications. So it’s a Gmail issue… or it’s an issue with my host and Gmail. Either way, it’s annoying and frustrating. But at least I have a temporary fix for now.

For anyone who I missed replying to because I did not receive a notification, my apologies.

UPDATE: Slowly… very very slowly, two days worth of comment notifications seem to be arriving. So strange…

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I did it

I did it! 30 posts in 30 days! That’s right.. I didn’t miss a day. I don’t think. *goes to check* Nope.. didn’t miss a single day. I posted at least 30 times in 30 days. It wasn’t TOO bad considering I post almost every day anyway, but there were definitely times I did not have anything good to say. (You all were kind and never let me know if you noticed.) 🙂 At one point I started to post about the aprons I own but never wear that hang in the laundry room just off the kitchen… but I almost fell asleep typing it so I spared you all.

Anyway, short post today. I spent my online time ditching the turkey/fall theme and adding more of a winter/Christmas theme. It’s probably my lamest attempt ever, but I simply don’t have the time right now to do much else. I ditched Blogrush, too. It just wasn’t happening for me. Oh well. Also, for some reason I’m not getting email notifications of comments posted on this site. Sorry about that. I’m going through the posts to see which comments I missed.

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Finally got some sleep

Despite the fact that Jack woke me up in the middle of the night because he was tunneling under the blankets… (wtf?) I finally got a full nights sleep last night. I am not sure how to describe what Jack was doing. He often does odd things in his sleep. Things like jump out of bed, flip on the light, throw all the covers off and shout that there are spiders in the bed. He’s done that to me many times and it’s never fun. I’m to the point I just tell him to shut up, turn off the light and get back in bed. Of course there will be the ONE time there actually IS spiders in the bed….

Last night he was on his hands and knees all the way under the covers, nosing around while muttering something about finding his way out. I woke up and said, “what the hell are you doing?” and he popped his head out from under the covers and said “oh!” He got situated back on his side of the bed and said he was dreaming he was in a tunnel and couldn’t find the way out. He is SUCH a dork.

In other news for you EverQuest II fans, today is Ruins of Kunark release day! So you know what we’ll be doing tonight. 🙂 That is, if we can get the patch downloaded and stuff. When Echos of Faydwer came out it took 5 hours to get in and we gave up till the next day. Thankfully we are using our new spiffy Netgear router instead of our old used cisco router. As long as we’re not at Sony’s mercy hopefully that will speed up the download.

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$25 Gift Card Contest Update

I’ve modified the rules a bit for the Target Gift Card Contest to open it up to more people. Any U.S. resident can enter by correctly answering the questions.

I’ve removed the rule that you had to have a blog. If you don’t have a blog you can just post the answers in the comments section of the Contest Post to gain an entry.

Good luck!

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