Tips for Diabetics – Thursday Thirteen #22

Thursday Thirteen
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13 Tips for Diabetics:

  1. Take one day at a time. Don’t sweat the bad days (advice I need to learn myself) and praise yourself on the good days.
  2. Check blood glucose levels often. Hm. Another one I need to learn. 🙂
  3. Eat several smaller meals each day and never skip a meal. I’m getting a LOT better about this!
  4. Exercise! It helps bring your BG levels down if they are too high, plus it’s just good for you, even if you’re not a diabetic.
  5. Take care of your feet. I was told to wear socks all the time. I have a hard time with this in the summer.
  6. See your doctor regularly. I’ve been told at least 4 times a year. I see mine 3-4 times per year. I should probably see him more.
  7. Take care of your teeth and be sure to keep up on your dentist visits. Tell your dentist you have diabetes.
  8. Get your eyes checked regularly and be sure your eye doctor knows you have diabetes.
  9. Take your medications, if any, regularly without skipping doses. I’m pretty darn good about this one, tyvm.
  10. Eat healthy food. When I’m being ‘good’, I prefer to eat low-carb and naturally non-fat foods.
  11. Keep juice and fruit on hand at all times in case your blood sugar drops too low.
  12. Don’t let your test strips expire. They are expensive. Use them up!
  13. Treat yourself to a warm bath, a good book, or whatever it is that makes you happy. You deserve it!

Yay! Another Thursday Thirteen done early! I may not have time to post much the rest of the week. We’ll see how it goes. After work I’ve been catching up on the cleaning and the mountains of laundry in between calling around for auto insurance quotes. I’m still mad at my current car insurance company. But it’s hard to switch after being with them for over 10 years.

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Our dentists love us – thursday thirteen #21

Thursday Thirteen
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It all started in November when our family dentist notified Jack that we were all overdue for our checkups and stuff:

  1. December 3rd: Melissa had her checkup/cleaning appointment
  2. December 10th: Kevin’s checkup/cleaning
  3. December 10th: My checkup/cleaning where I found out I had cavities… the horror!
  4. December 10th: Jack had an appointment for a cavity filling (separate from mine and Kevin’s appointment earlier in the day)
  5. December 12: Casey’s checkup/cleanings
  6. December 12: Cody’s checkup/cleaning
  7. December 17: Melissa had a cavity filled
  8. January 14th: Kevin had orthodontist appointment where he found out he’s still not quite done with the braces
  9. January 23rd: Kevin got a cavity filled
  10. January 23rd: I had a treatment for early stages of periodontal disease. (Yeah I didn’t want to mention that in my Bye Bye Perfect Teeth post. I was already ashamed enough!)
  11. January 28: Kevin had another appointment to have the last cavity filled.
  12. January 29: Kevin had an another orthodontist appointment where he found out he wouldn’t be getting his braces off. (Be happy you weren’t the one driving him home after that appointment.)
  13. January 29: Jack had an appointment to get his last cavity filled (separate time than Kevin’s)
  14. January 30: Melissa had an appointment to get a cavity filled
  15. January 30: Casey had an appointment to get his first ever cavities (tiny ones) filled and sealants applied.
  16. January 30: Cody had an appointment to get sealants put on his teeth. (No cavities)

Ok so that’s 16. Sixteen. Dentists. Appointments. In two months. Most of us are done now though.. Hallelujah! Oh wait. I said most. OK so everyone is done, except me. I still have the periodontal treatments and the cavities to deal with. Can you tell I’m overjoyed? At least I don’t go back till March. And Kevin should be getting his braces off in four weeks. (I’m not holding my breath.)

I think our family dentists have made enough money to book themselves and their staff Vegas rooms after the amount of money we’ve thrown at them this year…. heck, just in the last two months!

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Lastest Movies – Thursday Thirteen #20

Thursday Thirteen

This week’s ‘Thursday Thirteen’ is inspired by the few rare movie posters we have. That and the fact we watched the first four movies on this list just this week (we watch a lot of movies). Here are the last 13 movies I’ve watched:

  1. An American Haunting – Jack and I watched this last night and neither of us can tell you much about this movie. We both kept falling asleep.
  2. Disturbia – Watched two nights ago. I really wanted to like this movie. And it wasn’t horrible… just.. ‘eh’. I love Shia LaBeouf but fear he’s been typecast too much. This could have been a lot better.
  3. 3:10 to Yuma – This looked really promising … but I found myself bored several times. Good story concept and good acting… but boring.
  4. Rush Hour 3 – I was told this was better than Rush Hour 2. I disagree. I liked Rush Hour 3 but it didn’t quite hold up to the first two. Jackie Chan is looking tired.
  5. Monster’s Inc. – I love this movie. We own it on DVD. Cody loves it too… now. He used to hate it and couldn’t get past the beginning with the scary monsters.
  6. I Am Legend – While I really enjoyed this movie (and I adore Will Smith), I thought the ending stunk. It seemed there was a lot of the story that didn’t get told. Maybe I’ll check out the book.
  7. Identity – I liked this movie. I thought it was fun and well done. It was certainly suspenseful.
  8. The Manchurian Candidate – One word for this one: Disappointing. I lied, four more words: Neat concept, poor implementation.
  9. Shrek the Third – They should have stopped at just Shrek. Shrek 2 was so-so and I fell asleep for Shrek 3. I loved the first one though!
  10. Something’s Gotta Give – I kept waiting for this one to get good. It was constantly on the brink… but it was way way too long.
  11. Ray – I was really interested in this story and would have loved to learn more about Ray Charles. And while I think I did learn more about him after watching this movie, I felt it could have been done better.
  12. The Polar Express – A lot of people don’t like this movie. But I love it. So do my kids. It’s become a Christmas Tradition for us to watch this every year at Christmas time.
  13. The Woodsman – This movie was awful. Simply awful. It’s not because of the subject matter, I could handle that. It was stupid and cheesy and given the subject matter, cheesy just doesn’t work.

After reading over this list, I sound picky, don’t I? I guess when you watch as many movies as we do that can happen. You want the WOW effect. I’m sure I missed a few but my brain is mush after a busy week. (Tomorrow’s Friday.. yay!)

What movies have you watched lately?

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Bullet Sunday #15 Snow and Stuff

fun in the snow

  • It’s been snowing off and on for a week now but we have not received a single inch of accumulation. On Thursday we were horribly teased by a light dusting at our place, only to watch it melt away by that evening. I wouldn’t even call the dusting we had “snow”. It was slushy wet… goo. So today we tossed the kids into the car and drove the 15-20 minute drive to Amboy and played in the snow at a park we’ve been to several times (there appeared to be leftovers from a festival of Christmas trees… there was some rather …. odd trees still there). There wasn’t much snow (a little over an inch) but it was enough to have some fun and get it out of our system for a while. We also found a snow wall and a very large snowball (base of a snowman?) someone had built before us.
  • Cody is still doing great after having his tonsils out. He did have a painful day yesterday and at one point asked me with big sad puppy dog eyes why it had to hurt. I so wanted to take the pain away for him. I talked him into some pain meds (he hates the taste of it) but when he felt better within a half hour I think he was finally convinced the taste of the liquid pain meds was worth the relief.
  • Cody now has me hooked on Star Wars Legos II. Darn if that game just isn’t adorable and FUN! Cody is pretty fun to play with, except when he gets impatient with me and wants to take my controller away so he can just do it for me. He has played it longer than me so I’ll give him credit there but having a 6 year old act like I’m the dumbest thing he’s ever seen is a bit much. 😉
  • Last night we ‘camped out’ for the first time since we bought this house in February this year. It’s kind of like how the kids camped out on Christmas eve. Camping out for us means we pull out the air mattresses and sleeping bags and sleep on the living room floor by the fire and watch movies together. We can then fall asleep whenever we want right there. We haven’t done it in this house before because the family room isn’t really set up for it. But we figured out a way to make it work and it was fun. I missed doing that.
  • Side effect of camping out: we do laundry in our sleep. Actually I do laundry in my sleep. I woke up at 3 AM last (nooooooo!!!! not the witching hour! damn that movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) night because our furnace kicked on and I’m not used to hearing it like that. I got up for a drink of water and noticed Jack or the kids someone left the laundry room door open… and I could see the green “done” light on my washer. Jack Someone did a load of laundry before bed and forgot to put it in the dryer. I knew I’d never be able to go back to sleep knowing that load of clothes was in there, possibly getting stinky by the minute so I put it in the dryer before going back to bed. I ended up having laundry dreams once I drifted back off to sleep.
  • Today I was enthralled by this fascinating love story between a city slicker and a real life cowboy. Not a flashy, fake, cufflinks-wearing cowboy, but a real, honest-to-goodness cowboy. I found the link on another blog because the story’s author was featured on CNN. Her blog looked interesting so I started reading and that’s where I found her story. I read the entire thing this morning over coffee as I related the highlights to Jack, who quickly became just as enthralled as I was. It’s currently left at a major cliff-hanger and I can’t wait for the next installment. What aspired me to read the story all the way through was not only the awesome way in which it is told, but that it’s a true and very REAL story. Jack and I think they should make their story into a movie, it’s THAT good. To see what I’m talking about, mosey on over to The Pioneer Woman. For the love story, start here: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story with the last installment here.

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Thursday Thirteen #18 Having your tonsils out ROCKS!

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things that rock about having your tonsils out

Cody giving thumbs up before surgery Today’s Thursday Thirteen is inspired by my special little guy, Cody. Today he had his tonsils and adenoids out. We expected him to be sore and cranky when he fully awoke after the surgery. Instead he asked for a glass of water and a Popsicle, both of which he downed both in record time.

Upon arriving home he promptly ate four Popsicles in a 2 hour period, then claimed, and I quote, “Having your tonsils out rocks!”. It’s snowing outside and he is ready to go play in it. However, since he’s supposed to take it easy today, he’s settling for playing Star Wars Legos II (his most favorite game EVER!).

Without further ado, here’s 13 things that rock about getting your tonsils out, according to a six year old (with a few rockin’ things thrown in from mom and dad):

  1. Popsicles – when you can have as many as you want, this really ROCKS!
  2. Ice cream. Though today he doesn’t get to have dairy products, the promise of all the ice cream he wants tomorrow is almost like Christmas! Cody wants to send out a warning about this: “too much ice cream gives you brain freeze.
  3. Cuteness overload. This boy of ours is amazing. He did not shed a single tear nor did he complain… at all. Not ONCE! Instead he charmed the nurses and made our hearts melt no less than 457 times. He’s just freakin’ CUTE!
  4. A full all-you-can-eat jello buffet. I mean, having every flavor and getting to eat as much as you want, IS pretty darn rockin’.
  5. Getting to play Star Wars Legos 2 with your dad. That rocks all the time, but getting to play after you had your tonsils out is pretty rockin’ too!
  6. Getting to play on Dad’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) as much as you want.
  7. Attention. When you’re the youngest of a large family, you learn how to command much attention, but he doesn’t even have to work for it today. It’s all about him.
  8. Pudding. Who doesn’t want to eat lots of and lots of pudding?
  9. Free slipper socks from the hospital. Here’s Cody checking out his new slipper socks
  10. Getting “gwubs”. This is what Cody calls “gloves”. He absolutely cannot leave a doctor’s office without scoring a pair of their fascinating blue or purple rubber gloves.
  11. Snuggle time with Mom and Dad. He gets this whenever he wants but there’s extras today.
  12. Brothers and sisters being extra nice to you. That’s ALWAYS a plus.
  13. Ice cream. This one is worthy of mentioning twice. It’s his favorite topic of the day!

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Thursday Thirteen #17 – Things left to do before Christmas

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things I have to do before Christmas

  1. Laundry. Has anyone else noticed how often freakin’ laundry pops up on my Thursday Thirteens? Sheesh.
  2. Wrap about 20 more presents. Maybe less.. wait.. no.. maybe more. Crap.
  3. Apparently I need to organize how many Christmas presents I have and who is getting what.
  4. We still have to purchase 3-4 more gifts. I guess I’ll know the number for sure after I do some organizing.
  5. Get drunk. OK not really.. but it’d be fun.
  6. Bake cookies.
  7. Learn how to bake a real pumpkin pie then actually do it. I might make my husband do this since this is HIS idea.
  8. Thaw out the turkey. How long does it take for a 25.5 LB turkey? Crap. (Internet to the rescue, here’s a table for thawing a turkey.)
  9. Figure out where we stored some of our seasonal pots/pans after we moved to this house in February.
  10. Clean the house from top to bottom, again, and again, and again. Darn kids.
  11. Find the few ornaments Cody took off the tree and stashed. Little stinker.
  12. Learn how to use our video camera. It’s soooooo confusing. And Jack rarely lets me touch it. Pffft.
  13. Send out Christmas cards. Yes I know, we’re pretty late on this and they likely won’t get there before Christmas.. but oh well. I’m a busy working mom. People will get over it… or they won’t. At least they’ll get something from us that’s custom made. 🙂

I could probably think of thirteen thousand more things to do, one of which is re-arranging our furniture. We’re thinking of getting one of these plasma tv stands so we can put our big entertainment center back together and set up in the living room (it’s sectional so right now it’s set up as a separate TV stand and a china cabinet, which is pretty but I miss having the light bridge on it which is currently stored in our attic) *takes deep breath* but really it’s a stupid thing to worry about now. It’s just something I think would work better with a bunch of people in this house on Christmas eve… Arg. Why do I stress on the silliest things??

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Bullet Sunday #14 birthdays and storms

  • Today Kevin’s girlfriend threw him a surprise birthday party. It was a major surprise because we (Jack and I) didn’t even know about it until the last minute. She invited a bunch of his friends from his drama club at school, and a bunch of her family and friends of her family that he knows pretty well. Once I got over the shock that she’d go through all that trouble and not include us in the plans, I was thoroughly impressed with how well she put this thing together. Kevin was very shocked and surprised and loved every minute of it. Plus he still gets to go out to dinner at his favorite restaurant tomorrow with us, his girlfriend, and his best friend tomorrow night on his actual birthday. His sweet 16 will be a two day affair!
  • We went grocery shopping at Winco today. I avoid shopping there as much as I avoid shopping at Wal*Mart. I guess it’s because.. well, it’s like shopping at Wal*Mart on a smaller scale, and without all the departments. There’s too many people, not enough staff and what few staff they do have aren’t very friendly. But what I hate the most is having to bag my own groceries. You can’t beat the prices so I toughed it out just this once. It was nice that Kayla watched the kids for us while we went so at least we weren’t dragging bored kids along.
  • With the “special weather statement” I just received in my email today, I’m tempted with the whole Arizona thing again. It looks like we’re in for more wind and rain this week and after what we went through a couple weeks ago, this isn’t good news. There’s still many areas recovering from floods and landslides. Even though we’re not dealing with anything like that personally, after all the shopping and holiday hustle and bustle in this weather I could use a break from being out in the cold and rain. An Arizona bed and breakfast sounds really nice. I just wish if we were going to have yucky weather it was at least in the form of snow.
  • Other than grocery shopping and Kevin’s surprise party, not a whole lot went on this weekend. This makes for boring blogging. So I’ll leave you with my new favorite Christmas song. (So what if it’s a little “twisted”.) If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan as much as I am (and yes I know Zeppelin played live in London December 10, 2007… I would have given a kidney to see that!) I’m sure you’ll love this too. Right click and “save as” please. 🙂