The good, the bad, the ugly

Good: We’re going to be grandparents! Can you believe that?? We can’t either. When we first heard, poor Jack could only stare out the window in shock. Then we got excited. We can’t wait to spoil our first grandbaby!

Bad: Mortgage companies suck. We’ve essentially received a 90 day notice (plus 20??) even though we have a short-sale in review. It’s just all bad in that regard and I don’t even want to go into details.

Ugly: Jack hates my guts. That’s what he said. He said my guts are ugly and he doesn’t like them. When the doctor took my ovary out last month, she took a picture of my uterus and other ovary and showed Jack. Uteruses and ovaries aren’t pretty. In fact, I hate my guts too.

The other good news is the cysts on my ovaries were benign so I can relax about that.

In other ugly news, we haven’t found a place to live yet. It’s not for lack of trying, believe me! It’s very difficult to find a house or place big enough that will at least keep most of our kids in the same schools, that will also accept our dogs.

Just what is up with that anyway? I get some big dogs are destructive. I’ve heard horror stories. But mine aren’t! It doesn’t matter though. Renters seem to think if a dog is over a certain weight, they’ll tear apart the house and you can’t convince them otherwise. The ones that really make me laugh are the ones that say cats only. Like cats can’t do damage? Ha. Cats pee on things when they’re mad at you. Cats shred anything they can sharpen their claws on: walls, wood, carpet, curtains, even the weather stripping on your front door. I know this from experience! And we no longer have inside cats.

Oh well. We’ll keep on looking… and in 90 (+20?) days we’ll be moving somewhere either way. If we have to get an apartment we will. But we’re trying hard to avoid that.

P.S. To any potential renters out there, we have nice, trained, well-behaved, non-destructive Golden Retrievers, and a 15 lb Rat Terrier all of which are fully house trained and do not chew on walls or stair banisters, or carpet, or anything else.. I’m home all day with them and we provide plenty of chew toys and they are good dogs.

P.S.S. Only four of our eight children live at home still, so don’t let the subject of this blog scare you!

P.S.S.S We are good renters, I promise!!

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