We’re still alive!

Just… busy. Imagine that?

Pretty much most of our spare time is spent talking and or researching about our housing situation, or trying to avoid talking about or researching our housing situation. Here’s where we are with that:

Our current house has been on the market since August. We’ve received an offer on it. The mortgage company is playing games, though, on approving the short sale. They keep telling us documents weren’t submitted, when they were and it took them over a month (and me submitting the same documents over and over and over) before they finally moved on to the next step. We expect to get an update on that sometime next century. If we’re lucky, we’ll hear something by mid January. We’re not holding our breath either way.

We’ve started looking for a new place to live. A family like ours is not your average cookie cutter easy-to-rent to family. We have a lot of kids and three dogs. We no longer have any fish, though, as we gave away our fish tank. (We put a lot of stuff in storage too to de-personalize our house and make it more appealing to potential buyers.)

Neither of us want to rent. We really really don’t want to rent! So we started looking into lease options. We found a house that has lease option available, and the best part is NONE of our kids would have to switch schools. We’re about to put an offer in on that and are crossing our fingers that it will go through. If not, we have lots of time in this house …….. to keep looking for another. Our housing needs sure don’t make it easy!

On the health situation… remember my ovary issues? Well, I never followed through on it. There were a few good reasons, one of which involved me having to switch doctors so the procedure would be covered in full with no deductibles, but mostly I procrastinated. Then we found out our insurance is going to suck next year. And by suck, I mean, the worst EVER in the history of the world. Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but for a hospital? It’s bad. Let me repeat that. For a HOSPITAL, it’s really REALLY bad. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Long story short, if I’m going to take care of this ovary thing, I should do it before our insurance sucks. To make an even longer story shorter, I’m having to go back to my original doctor… and pay deductibles. It’s worth it because I LIKE this doctor and the choices I had to avoid paying deductibles weren’t good. That’s all I’m going to say about THAT.

Just to be sure the cyst was even still there, I had one more ultrasound. Guess what? Not only is it still there, it’s slightly larger and a new small cyst formed next to it. So it made a friend. Isn’t that cute?? Surgery to evict these little ‘friends’ is scheduled for December 20th.

I know. It’s crazy to have surgery five days before Christmas. But we have no choice. This is when it could be done and if I wait till next year I’d have to sell my kidney just to afford getting rid of the ovary. (Hopefully it won’t come to that. Having to lose the ovary, that is. We hope the cysts can just be removed while keeping the ovary intact.)

Sooo… that’s where we are right now. Not much else to report. I have tons of pictures to share but don’t have the time to upload them. Maybe later.


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