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Why did we move? Well, our current host wouldn’t budge on their pricing even though they were quite a bit more expensive than their competitors. And I didn’t feel like moving hosts. Going from a self-hosted wordpress blog to took me about 3 seconds. And it’s FREE to host here. Can’t beat that! (That and the site wasn’t paying for itself anymore, thus us not being able to justify spending $120 a year to host it..) 🙂

4 thoughts on “Life

    • Yes, but as I stated, I didn’t feel like changing hosts. Not that it’s *that* hard with WordPress (it’s actually pretty simple) but with, it’s just easier overall. I’m using my employer’s hosting for other stuff… just not for my one and only wordpress site.

      Now I don’t have to worry about updating wordpress, or updating the plugins, or themes, etc.. I barely have time to post let alone keep up with all that stuff. 🙂

  1. True. My daughter moved back to Blogger from a self-hosted WordPress install. Said she liked it better for some reason. She also said that the migration was real easy much like yours was. Good to know that these CMS apps are that cross-compatible.

    I tend to tinker with the themes too often so a self-hosted one is better for me for now. Maybe one day, I’ll get rid of that itch to tinker.

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