Take your kid to work day

I started this post on April 22nd, 2010, and never got around to posting it. Ack! So pretend it’s almost two weeks ago…

Today was take your kid to work day. Unfortunately the kids can no longer go to work with their dad due to company policy. This is a huge disappointment to Cody this year because THIS year was finally HIS year to go. So the next obvious choice was to “go to work with mom”.

My kids thought they should all “go to work with mom”. Their reasoning was that school was wasted anyway since hardly anyone was there and all they do is sit around and read. They could do that “at mom’s work”.

So, here it is. My kids “at work” with me:

Take your kid to work
Miss H and Cody, not even out of their jammies yet, but hard at “work”.

Take your kid to work
Casey, “working” hard.

Take your kid to work
Look how hard my girl, Sissa, is “working”.

That’s what I posted two weeks ago and never completed. We’ve been busy as usual and that’s my only excuse. More on that later.

You don’t see a picture of Kevin “at work” with me because he chose to go to school that day. He has a lot going on, what with graduation coming up and all. Speaking of, here he is with his “date” for Senior Prom:

Jess & Kevin

I’m fully aware of the over-usage of quotes in this post. It had to be done, though. šŸ˜‰

P.S. May the 4th be with you!

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