Poor Mailbox Kiosk

The kids came running into the house a bit ago from playing basketball outside shouting, “Mom! Mom! It looks like someone took a sledge hammer to our mailbox! And it’s all twisted! And… and there is broken glass in the street!

They were all wide-eyed so I grabbed our mailbox key and went out to take a look. It’s twisted alright.

Poor Mailbox Kiosk

Poor Mailbox Kiosk, originally uploaded by SpaceyMom.

And broken and battered. Apparently the neighbor’s car in the driveway in front of the kiosk rolled down his driveway, smashed into the kiosk, then hit a parked car across the street this morning. Amazing, we didn’t hear a thing. It’s a good thing no kids were playing out there!

We can still get to our box but I’m not so sure the mailman can deliver our mail with it twisted like that.

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