Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-07-12) -via Twitter

  • Currently playing the flute on my iPhone. Ocarina rules. #fb #
  • Going to bed early tonight… Zzzzz #fb #
  • My co-worker, who's been dubbed Grumpy, is soooo mean. He forces me to listen to Amy Winehouse. #fb #
  • Oldest boy dumped these on my desk. Just your average toy cars? Or more than meets the eye? #fb #
  • Giving TweetDeck another try. Hope it doesn't crash out on me again. #
  • Today.. kinda sucks. That's not counting the teeth drilling I get to experience in about a half hour. #
  • Worked two 10 hour days in a row. I'm beat and very glad it's Friday! #
  • It's been the weirdest Saturday ever. #
  • I'm in the mood to go on a bike ride. Too bad I don't have a bicycle. #

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