Tracie's weekly ramblings for (2009-07-05) -via Twitter

  • There are a bunch of explosives in my garage. You'd think it was almost Independence day or something. #fb #
  • Riding In the Suburban with 6 out 8 of my kids. They have Miley Cyrus blaring on the radio. Send help! #fb #
  • In no particular order: Work, kids, appointments, work, appointments, kids, work, laundry, kids, work, appointments. That's my week. #fb #
  • It got hot!! #fb #
  • The A/C died in the server room at main hospital (on the hottest day of the year). I picked a GREAT time to ride in w/ Jack on a page. #fb #
  • Started my day by running out of coffee. Oh boy. #fb #
  • Two work crisis's between Jack and I in a 12 hour period! On a holiday weekend = NOT COOL! Don't these people know we have a party to host? #
  • Waiting for the American Idols concert to start!! #
  • At American Idol's concert in Portland. So fun! Michael Sarver on now. Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics. #fb #
  • Here's a picture of Adam (out of the program) for you Lambert fans. #fb #

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