What Tracie rambled about this week (2009-06-21) -via Twitter

  • I soooo get this! Corse itz Monday: http://bit.ly/Mgq0W –lolz. #
  • Going off line in a few for a bit while I take Jack to the hospital for his surgery. Wish us luck! (Mostly him..) #
  • Jack's sugery was bumped an hour ahead. He just got taken back. Now I wait. #fb #
  • The nurse called me: Jack's got more scar tissue than they realized so it's taking longer than planned. #
  • We're home! Jack's doing well. Everything went great. Some muscle loss on that side of his face for a while though. Hopefully not permanent. #
  • TweetDeck can take a hike. Going back to TwitterFox. TweetDeck keeps crashing, not saving settings, etc since the latest update. LAME. #
  • Fell asleep after work for 1.5 hours. That NEVER happens. I don't ever get to nap; not that I'm complaining. Even the kids were quiet! #fb #
  • Kat is coming over in a bit to celebrate her… 18th birthday. Can't believe she's 18! Happy Birthday, Katherine! #fb #
  • Today is the last day of school for my kiddos. Halp. They out number me. J/K. Should be a fun summer. #fb #
  • Pavement: 0. Suburban: 1. Suburban's rule. 😉 #
  • Riding home from Kat's graduation ceremony, listening to my brother-in-law on the radio. #fb #
  • Father's Day + framed professional photos of all the kids + Guitar Hero World Tour = happy dad. 😉 #fb #

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