I don't have many words right now

How about some photos instead?

Emo Kevin
Did you know Kevin was Emo now?

Emo Kevin
You didn’t? Looks pretty emo to me.

Emo Kevin
He’s a rock star now too.

Emo Kevin
So maybe it was just for a play at school, but I think he pulls off the emo rock star thing quite well.

Cody's Birthday 2009
We celebrated a birthday in March. Guess who didn’t like his present at all?

Cody's Birthday 2009
He didn’t like this one much either. And can you believe someone thought to give one of these children yet another nerf dart gun? I mean. Really?!? Did a certain you-know-who, whom shall rename nameless (hint: rhymes with “cleric” even though he’s far FAR from holy) think we really needed ONE more nerf dart gun? (Another hint: he’s standing behind Cody in the above picture). Please ignore the spaghetti dinner mess in the background. I promise it was cleaned up as soon as I put down the camera.

Cody's Birthday 2009
There was a pinata. Not just any pinata. A Darth Vader pinata. And judging from the little dude in the background, possibly an airplane race occurred?

Cody's Birthday 2009
I have no idea how this got in here. I am not even sure I know what it is. Maybe I should be afraid?

And finally I leave you with this rare sighting:
Dear Sun,

Oh how I’ve missed thee. Please stick around longer than a day or two. Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?


P.S. The rest of the photos I uploaded today are located here.

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