Lumps and clips and markers OH MY

First a trial update: It’s boring. Short story version is it didn’t happen (Bumped AGAIN!) and won’t now till May 21st. If it even happens then because the court system is, you know, so organized and “with it”.

My biopsy went well last week, other than taking way longer than we thought it would. I have not received any results on that yet. The only hitch was the tape they used to cover the biopsy site made made me itch like crazy and caused bright red welts for several days. Let me tell you, there’s nothing sexier than walking around with a red, itchy, welted boob.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon I have boobie bling now. Except it’s internal and unless you happen to have a mammogram machine lying around you won’t be able to see my ‘bling’. Actually, it’s just a biopsy marker clip and mine just happens to be in the shape of an awareness ribbon. These marker clips are made of titanium or surgical stainless steel and are about 2 millimeters in size and will stay there forever marking the spot. They showed it to me after it was placed and they took a few more mammogram images to be sure it was placed correctly. It was kinda cool.

The lumpectomy is tomorrow. I have to be there at 7:15 AM. They will place a wire with some sort of camera on it at 8:15 and inject some dye so they can see what all they’re doing. My first thought when they explained this to me today was, “Like a dyed egg? I’ll have a dyed boob? But Easter is over”. I’m glad I don’t blurt these things out and can usually keep them in my head.

They told me to bring a book because I’ll be sitting around doing nothing for a while. I asked if I could bring my laptop. They said sure. I asked if I could get on the internet. She said they don’t have internet access. Ha. I happen to know someone on the inside. I bet HE gets me internet.

The surgery is scheduled for 11:30 and I should be home by 2:00 – 3:00.

I’m jumping for joy at all this. Can you tell?

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