Rough week

Monday was a rough day.

In the wee hours Monday morning/Sunday night, Cassie (aka Rat Dog) started getting sick. She alerted us by loudly barking/whining. Jack got up, let her out of her kennel and found she had vomited several times. I’m going to spare you all the rest of gory details as things progressively got worse.

She hasn’t been doing well for a few weeks now and hasn’t been herself. I had twittered about it a few weeks ago that she was sick, old, and euthanasia was discussed even then. Monday morning it became apparent that it was just too much misery all around so we made the decision to put her to sleep Monday afternoon. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She was a great dog, always patient with the kids, with a quirky personality that drove us crazy sometimes, but mostly she brought happiness to our home. In turn, I think we gave her the best last year of her life that she could have had. As my mom has said to us numerous times after she came to live with us over a year ago, “she probably thinks she died and went to heaven”.

I didn’t even get a chance to mourn her Monday night. Instead I got phone calls about the Trial that was supposed to happen Tuesday. The phone calls centered around one person in particular who thrives on creating as much drama, deceit, and strife as humanly possible so instead of being with my kids helping them understand the loss of their pet, I was on the damn phone dealing with said drama and making sure the record was set straight (since the drama and lies were based on the upcoming trial). It was a rough night.

Tuesday was a rough day. The trial didn’t happen but lots of phone calls and nail-biting did anyway. I just so want this over with.

Today was ok… but it’s the first day I’ve really had a chance to miss Cassie. I see her food bowl in the kitchen where it always is. None of has have made any attempt to remove her presence from the house yet. I’m so going to miss that little rat dog. 😦

Tomorrow could be a rough day. If we’re going to continue with the current theme. The optimistic side of me keeps saying it can’t be that bad, though.

On the books for tomorrow is an ultrasound-guided core or needle biopsy. The surgeon I saw last Friday said I don’t have one lump. I have two. Two THINGS that shouldn’t be there.

The one I discovered they think is a Intraductal Papilloma. Fortunately it’s quite rare for these to be cancerous. It will be removed anyway.

The second THING is a small benign cyst 2 cm away from the papilloma. We asked how they know for sure it’s benign and she said it just is. Unfortunately that answer isn’t good enough for us. My mom’s THING was “just a cyst” too. Look where that got her? Sure it took 15 years for that little benign cyst to become a problem, but what a problem it did become.

So Thursday they’ll be looking at that and deciding what to do. I don’t know why they can’t just take whatever doesn’t belong out..

Friday is the new Trial date. Except it may not happen because the case ahead of us is booked to be a two day trial with tomorrow being the first day. So why did they book us anyway if they expect the case to go two days? Because they are hoping that case only goes one day. Lovely. So I may or may not need the day off work. I may or may not need a babysitter. We’ll find out Thursday night. I’ll let you know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Rough week

  1. Sorry to hear about Cassie Tracie. I know you all miss her. You did the right thing though as she’s now better off and in no pain or misery. Try googling The Rainbow Bridge and I think it’ll help give you some peace.

    Wife and I are crossing our fingers and praying for you with the cyst and biopsy thing. We both know that is scary stuff as we went through it with my wife a while back. You’ve been through so much in your short life so far, you can face this too. We’ll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers girl. Keep the faith!

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