Holidays and Stress

The year 2006 was a rough one for my family. My mother was in a horrible car accident. My step father died. Some friends of ours lost their pet and much of their belongings in a house fire that my oldest son was witness to. I remember distinctly thinking that was one of the hardest years of our life and that things couldn’t get much worse, stress-wise.

What a stupid thing to think.

Granted, that year WAS a difficult year. But it’s crazy to think that’s the worst life could throw at you. Or that was our “share” of stress so we shouldn’t have more. It’s taken me almost two full years to realize that life in general is always going to be stressful to a degree and I need to quit dwelling on the fact that we had our “fill” in 2006. It’s like for the last two years, every time something has come up that’s stressed us out, I’ve felt like it wasn’t fair because, we had our fair share already!

I find myself looking towards the holiday season with a bid of dread. For me the holidays are always fun, enjoyable, and I absolutely love everything about this time of year. But there’s also always some stress and this year I discovered that I’m stressing about the fact that there might be stress. FFS! I used to be so easy going about stuff like this and take things in stride. Even the holidays.

There were holidays we hardly had a penny to put food on the table, let alone come up with presents for seven children. But we always managed and I don’t recall thinking everything had to be perfect nor stressing myself out like this.

I don’t know if it’s the state of our country and the economy, the new child in our lives, the family issues, or all of the above but it’s wreaking havok on my blood sugars and I really want to get back to the “take things in stride” kinda person I used to be.

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