We're still alive

Quickie update: Some sort of bug is making its rounds through our household. It’s a sinusy headachy eye-watery cold bug of some sort. It kept Sissa home last week a few days, and now Cody and I are feeling it. Sucktacular.

Things are moving alone nicely with the transition of our foster daughter. There’s been a few ups and downs and the two youngest are struggling a bit to figure out their new places in our family but for the most part it’s been a very smooth transition for all of us. (If you don’t count the red tape that I’ve been tangled up in here and there.) 😉

We had a court trial yesterday to determine the child’s future. I’ve never been to anything like that and it was pretty uneventful and quick. There will be more of these in the future I’m told.

Health wise I’ve lost a few pounds. I haven’t done anything to lose it though. I think it’s just been the flurry of constant activity going on in our lives and barely having time to eat some days. Other than this weird bug I’ve got now I’ve been feeling pretty good, though.

Diabetes sucks. But we already knew that. I’m just coasting along as usual in that department.

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