Not the Brady Bunch anymore

In less than two weeks, Jack and I will become foster parents to a 5 year old little girl. This is what I was being so cryptic about. Some of you already know about this. For the rest, I’ll wait for your jaw to come up off the floor. Yes, that means we’ll have 8 children.

Bye bye “Brady Bunch”, hello “Eight is Enough”.

It’s been quite the roller coaster around here both emotionally and physically; having our family scrutinized, rearranging bedrooms, phone call after phone call, meetings, court hearings (well one so far), soul-searching, decision-making. As such the internet, this blog, our family blog, etc. has taken a back seat and that’s why there’s been such a lack of updates on both sites.

I still can’t and won’t give many details here out of respect for all parties involved. But I can say the child is not a stranger to us and how this all came to be was, well, for a lack of better word, unexpected. But not unpleasantly so by any means. It does mean changes for our family and a lot of unknowns ahead of us. It’s both an exciting and anxious time for us. And I just want to thank those again who’ve been so helpful and supportive of us in this new journey in our lives.

3 thoughts on “Not the Brady Bunch anymore

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