Housework done!

What a busy week+ it’s been! We got two bedrooms painted and two bedrooms swapped around, and a mountain of laundry cleaned, folded and put away! I even managed to dislodge half a Carl’s Jr. cheeseburger from Casie’s throat and save her life! (That’ll teach Cody to leave a cheeseburger on his bed…)

We’re all extremely exhausted and enjoying our first night off in quite some time. We watched “Failure to Launch” (With Cathy Bates and Matthew Mcconaughey) which was a very cute and funny feel-good movie. Perfect for when you want to smile and feel all warm inside. 😉

I’ve got part of my garage back as well, and even have my woodworking bench and a computer desk to work on projects in the garage! Next will be working on my music computer and finishing up my music room. It’s been over a year and a half, it’s time to get-er done! Oh… and at some point in the near future we’ll be *cringe* painting the main bathroom upstairs! At least by then our arms won’t be all rubbery from all the painting we’ve done lately.

One thought on “Housework done!

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