Calgon, come clean my house…

Remember those old soap commercials where the house was a mess and going crazy with activity, and the mom would exclaim “Calgon, take me away!” then sink into a bubble bath? The heck with that, Calgon can just come clean my house thanks. 🙂

We reconstructed Casey and Cody’s bunk bed and did some minor cleanup around the house yesterday, today we’re jumping in full force. Kevin’s room is prepared for painting, and we’ve got a bunch of laundry to wash, fold and put away, as well as the random house “Stuff” to find homes for on one drawer/closet or another.

I feel a little more rested today than I have in previous months after our monthly downtime at work. (This is the fun ritual of going in to work at around 11:00pm one Saturday each month to patch our network servers and reboot them without impacting our users.) I actually managed to get home by 2:00am.. yay!

At Noon Ralph and some friends are coming over so we can load my hot tub into the truck and take it over to his place. Oh how I dread moving that hot tub!

At some point this morning me and the boys have to hit the Mall to get our hair cut, and assemble my Build-A-Bear that I got for my Birthday!

Congratulations to Jackie and the Grizzlies for winning their 3rd football game of the season 27-6 yesterday as well!

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