Posting when tired is bad

Seriously? Keeping score? Is that a good idea? I posted the “score” originally on a whim. Then I obsess on it, create a whole post about it and now today I’m like, “WTF was I thinking?”

If I am going to keep it real, yesterday I get no points. Nada. I was thinking I was going to go for a walk all day. That was my goal. I have been looked into getting some simple to carry self defense products since I’m doing this alone most of the time. But… I got sucked into work all day, then sucked into EverQuest, then sucked into the TV. I did nothing else. I did eat OK but.. just “eating OK” gained me 13 of the 50 pounds I lost. So… I can’t count that. But does that mean diabetes gets a point? See? It gets all complicated and now I want to kick myself for thinking this was a good idea, lol.

One thought on “Posting when tired is bad

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