I quit whining and I walked

I took a walk today. A brisk (for me) walk even. It’s a start.

I’m just so disgusted with myself for gaining back any of the weight I’ve lost, and doing nothing to get my health back on track. All the issues I’m currently experiencing can very likely be reversed if I just took care of my body.

I’m not sure how far I walked today since I had nothing to measure it with other than the song times on my iPod. I added up the time (not counting the time I spent flipping through songs until I landed on one I felt like walking to):

3:29 – Above the Wreckage – Dishwalla
3:40 – Across the Universe – Michael Johns version
3:11 – Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson
3:27 – Bleed Like Me – Trapt
3:33 – Born Like This – Three Days Grace
4:27 – Burn – Three Days Grace
6:23 – Change – Candlebox (1/2 song – I was home before it ended)
Total time walking: 24:59

(Note to self: Put the iPod on shuffle next time instead of alphabetical. And seriously think about actually purchasing that external hard drive you’ve had your eye on for all your MP3’s.)

I might have overdid it a bit. I AM out of shape after all and my route included a rather steep hill. It took a good hour for me to cool down and not feel nauseous after I got home. Of course I went at my lunch break (2:30’sh PM) and it was freakin’ hot outside. But I survived it, it was actually fun, and I feel pretty good right now.

I even tested my BG levels twice today. So despite my whining earlier today, I’m going to call this day a victory for me. I hope it’s only the beginning of many more to come.

Maybe I should keep score?
Tracie 1
Diabetes 0

3 thoughts on “I quit whining and I walked

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