Thursday Thirteen #28 – Words to Describe Me

Another theme week for Thursday Thirteen

Choose a letter of the alphabet and write thirteen words that describe you that begin with that letter. Be creative and have fun!

I asked the kids to pick a letter (they didn’t know why I was asking) and ‘J’ is the letter they picked. Is there even thirteen adjectives that begin with ‘J’? I guess I’ll find out.

Thirteen words that begin with the letter ‘J’ that describe me. (Why couldn’t they have picked ‘S’ or ‘T”??)

  1. Joyful – the kids said jolly and um.. no. I’m most definitely not jolly
  2. Jumpy – I can be jumpy at times
  3. Jittery – I could definitely be described as jittery on the days my blood sugar levels are too low.
  4. Jaded – I’ve definitely felt jaded a time or two. I don’t know if it describes me, but I’ve felt it.
  5. Jazzy – I like music. Not jazz so much, but music.. and jazzy is musicy. Yeah I know, it’s a stretch, but close enough.
  6. Jubilant – Sure. That describes me. Sometimes. Sorta.
  7. Jiggly – in places, sadly it’s true.
  8. Jammin’ – Fo shizzle
  9. Jovial – There sure are a lot of words to describe ‘happy’ that begin with ‘J’.
  10. Jealous – I’ve been jealous a time or two in my lifetime, but I wouldn’t say that describes “me”.
  11. Judicious – Hm. I try to be.
  12. Jaunty – Sometimes!
  13. Juxtapositional – this one is my favorites. Jack and I are definitely Juxtapositional.

That wasn’t too bad.

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