Let there be Light

I have mentioned a few times that this house needs work with the lighting. But I don’t think I’ve really conveyed the sheer madness that is the lighting issues in this house.

  • We have track lighting on the stairs. One of the fixtures has a week connection point and constantly needs to be tweaked. It goes out, all of them do. We’ve managed to tweak it enough this last time that it’s not gone out for almost a month. It’s a small miracle.
  • The bathroom vanity lights. Oh the vanity. It was a fairly normal-looking vanity light fixture. Until one of the bulbs went out. I thought that we found another type of bulb we could use to replace it. I lied. Those wouldn’t work. They’d burn out in a few days. We finally took the funky not-normal, no-one-on-the-planet sells-them bulbs to a electrical specialty shop and they said we *had* to replace the bulbs with the exact same thing or it simply wouldn’t work. I knew that! But NO ONE.. and I do mean NO ONE sold these E12 Halogen bulbs. What they sell are the E11’s. Everyone had those. But those wouldn’t work.
  • The final bulb burned out this week. No other light in the bathroom. We had to pee in the dark. 😦
  • Jack replaced the whole darn fixture with something that takes nice normal bulbs that everyone sold.
  • We finally got a fixture in the office so we no longer have a hole in our ceiling. The new fixture matches pretty well and even complements the office furniture.
  • We had to replace every bulb for the outdoor lighting. They all blew out within a week of each other. (At least these were normal and easier to find..)
  • If the section of light on the track lighting holds, I think we’ll finally be done with all our lighting woes. Unless you count the back yard lighting.. Ugh. I forgot about those lights. Darnit.

    Light is overrated.

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