Nature! It's all over me! Get it off! TT26

Yep, just call Melman. If you don’t know who Melman is, you must not have young children. From Wikipedia:

Melman Mankiewicz III is a fictional anthropomorphic giraffe, who appears in the 2005 DreamWorks film, Madagascar. He is somewhat of a hypochondriac, having doses of medicine for meals and doctor’s appointments frequently.

I can totally relate to Melman right now. Every day it’s something new. New pain, new tone to my cough, even a new spot! Just like Melman. Today it’s my back. It’s toast. All the coughing has apparently pulled a muscle or something.

Thirteen things that are annoying and/or disgusting about being sick:

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  1. Snot.
  2. Coughing.
  3. Phlegm.
  4. The whining. (I hate whining. And I’m constantly whining! I’m a hypochondriac AND a hypocrite. It’s really not fair.)
  5. Getting others sick. The codeman and sissa are coming down with it.
  6. Blood glucose levels. They are all over the place.
  7. Germs. This is where it all starts, right? Germy bastards.
  8. Energy, and the lack of it. I really need my energy back!
  9. Sleeping. Who can sleep when they can’t breathe out of their nose and are coughing every 1.6 seconds? Not I.
  10. Pillows. I feel like I need to throw them away after being sick… cause I DROOLED on them. SIIIICK!
  11. Headaches. (I think I’ve popped a few blood vessels in my head from all the coughing.
  12. Food. Food doesn’t taste good when you’re sick.
  13. What about phlegm? Did I mention phlegm? And snot? Both are just beyond gross. Seriously.

So yeah. Melman is my new name.

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2 thoughts on “Nature! It's all over me! Get it off! TT26

  1. Phlegm has to be one of the coolest looking words ever. (Plus it has TWO silent letters, how many words have that?!?)

    Yes, Phlegm sucks, but the word looks cool.

    Being sick sucks too, get well soon sweetie. 😦

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