Several fooled – two not


There could have been more fooled (like those who didn’t comment) but of the ones who commented either via email or in the comment section of yesterday’s post, several of you were completely fooled, one not fooled at all, and one questioning.

For the record, I am NOT (I repeat: NOT!!!!!) pregnant. It was a joke. My apologies to those who almost fainted. 🙂 Even if I wanted to be pregnant (which I don’t, believe me), my poor diabetic and abused body couldn’t handle it. Not right now. And not ever again. We have been officially done making babies for a long long time now. My “baby” is now seven years old and I believe we have brought enough children into this world. 😉

My little prank gave poor Jack a heart attack. He was completely fooled, totally wigging out, and practically looking for any cheap flights out of town! I can’t really blame him. He had a vasectomy almost seven years ago so he had a few reasons to be concerned. 😉 Sorry honey!

I don’t think I’ve gotten anyone that good since this Big News post four years ago (posted on April 1st, of course) that had several calling us in a panic.

What??? Montana?? NOOOOOO!


There were so many good pranks going around yesterday I just had to join in. A few of my favorites:

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