Spring break wordpress update

I updated my wordpress late last night to 2.5 and so far so good. One of the smoothest upgrades I’ve done in a long time. I was worried how it would go considering my head was still a bit fuzzy and I overdid it for Cody’s birthday, but it only took about 10 minutes. It was a big update with an admin interface overhaul. It’s taken me a bit to get used to that aspect but so far I like what I see. If you notice anything amiss, please do contact me!

This week starts the kids’ spring break from school. I so wish I could start it healthy and chipper. Instead I’m already cranky and headachy wishing they’d keep the noise down. (I can’t believe how this cold lingers.) Cody got this lights and gears building set as well as an electronic word game. And my mom got him a spiderman utility belt that shoots stuff. Who knew how loud this stuff was going to be? When he and his brother are playing with it all at the same time, it’s like having loud air tools going off inside the house. Me + sick + work + loud noise = grumpy! Lets hope tomorrow is better because it may not look so good on me if my kids go back to school telling their friends and teachers, “my spring break sucked because we spent the whole break duct taped to the wall”.

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