Monday Migraine

I don’t get headaches too often. Now and then I’ll get a mild sinus headache that can be taken care of with a couple of ibuprofen, and that’s about it. Yesterday I woke up with one such headache except ibuprofen didn’t touch it. In fact is just got worse and worse as the day wore on. I managed to work only two hours before I could no longer look at the computer screen. I gave up and tried to lay down.

Part of what caused the headache was a stressful night, lack of sleep, and the beginnings of allergy season. I tried to lay down and sleep it off but the rooms downstairs were too bright. Having some room darkening roller shades would have come in handy, but instead I went upstairs to our bedroom where the room was darker. Every time I dozed off Randy (our golden retriever) decided to bark loudly. This happened no less than 20 times (I’m not exaggerating either…) I’ve never been so angry at one of my dogs as I was yesterday in my headachy, sleepy, groggy, and miserable state.

Anyway, this seems to be how I get seasonal allergies. I get a sinus headache from hell, then I’m done. Compared to what Jack goes through this time of year, every year, and how long it lasts, I think I have the better end of the deal.

One thought on “Monday Migraine

  1. Wow, I would definitely say you’re lucky.

    I’m not looking forward to this season if it’s anything like last was for me. This year though I’m prepared… sort of.

    I’ve got some crap prescribed by my allergy doc and once this season is over, in the late summer/early fall I’m going to start taking some allergy shots as well, to help cope.

    I’m not really one to take drugs, or put foreign crap into my system, but I’ll sacrifice that ‘virtue’ or whatever you wanna call it, because between April and July, I’m barely able to stand my waking hours. Itchy, swollen, burning eyes; headaches like the worst of ’em, and just plain old depression out of it. It’s really not fun.

    Which completely sucks since this is the time of year, that will be best for Kayaking, and getting out into nature. And when you’re living in the thick of the things your allergic to most — Every damn tree known to man (slight exaggeration, only slight) but … maple, fir, elm, birch… etc. all of which are strewn all around the region I live in — it just plain sucks to have to either stay inside, or suffer outside.

    So yea, if all you get is a headache, 1 day out of the whole time, you’re lucky and I’m jealous.


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