Spring forward

I feel much better today. I did get to listen to music most of the night, had a couple drinks, and had a mostly relaxing gaming session with Jack and some friends last night in EverQuest II. (I say mostly because the majority of the people we roll with play to have fun, while some take it a bit too seriously and make it almost a job. THAT isn’t fun.)

As we head into spring, our ‘to-do’ list is growing rapidly. Things we need to do around the house, yard to clean up (having 3 dogs is hard on a yard, I tell ya), and plans are being made about how we want to spend our spring and summer. I am SO ready for winter to be over!

One of the things we’d love to do more of this summer is take the kids camping. Not SCA events like we’ve done in the past but good old-fashioned camping. One of the best things about living in the NW is the many many beautiful camping opportunities. Oceans, mountains, rivers, we have it all. The problem is we have such a large family of children and pets it can get to be quite a challenge. It’s not in the cards any time soon but we have been keeping our out eye on travel trailers for sale. We’d be able to go just about anywhere if we had one. Our house even is designed to have room to park one when not in use.

I suppose getting one of those is much more practical for us than a fancy sport car for me, huh? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spring forward

  1. I had a fancy sports car a couple of years ago. It was a Mercedes convertible 2-seater and it was my favorite car in the whole world. I got it for dirt cheap ($19K?) because it was used, but it looked good — and I looked good in it — and that’s all that mattered. I ended up selling it to pay for finishing my degree, but it was the best year of my life that I had it! Everyone has to own a sports car at some point in their life. Don’t give up the dream.

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