Power walking and shopping

My blood sugar shot up today. I couldn’t figure out why. I ate good today (even eating breakfast on time). I got more exercise than normal running up and down the stairs to do laundry, so there was no reason for it that I could see. Except then it dawned on me that I forgot my meds this AM. I never forget. But… I also rarely eat breakfast when I first get up. Since I did eat something first thing this morning, I totally forgot to take my doggone pills. I thought about taking a brisk walk to help bring it down, but it started raining. Then hailing. I ran to the store instead on my lunch break and walked really fast up and down the isles. I’m sure people thought I was crazy but it helped! It’s times like this I wish we had exercise equipment in the house such as one of these ellipticals. Then again, I have no idea where we’d put one.

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