Dressing up the dog

Jack and I aren’t really the kind that dress up our animals or get all fancy with our stuff (not that animals are ‘stuff’ but you know what I mean). This doesn’t include holidays of course and even then it’s usually only Halloween and Christmas we go all out with the decorating. With our every day items and life in general, we tend to go about things fairly simply. We don’t trick out the cars with fancy auto accessories and our home is decorated with things we have found along the way. That is until Miss Cassie came into our lives. (Otherwise known as Kissy Cassie or Gassy Cassie).

Our little rat doggie now has a reversible nylon jacket (omg it’s so cute), a pink t-shirt, and a red sweater. My mom also brought over a fleece coat with a turn-up collar. She has a fancy sleeping bag made for animals her size (that she can burrow into) and another fleece blanket with paws all over it and her own kennel. She has more accessories than both my golden retrievers combined. Don’t mention it to them though. They’re still trying to forgive us from bringing a rat cute little dog into their home.

Who knew we actually were the kind of people who would dress up a little dog? Of course, in Cassie’s case, she has no fat and no fur so she really does get cold easily. So if we have to warm her up, we might as well do it in style. Can you blame us?

P.S. I know I shouldn’t call her a rat dog.. but with those ears, and that face… I do say it with lots of affection. I mean.. isn’t it obvious we’re going a bit overboard with the spoiling here? We’re totally become the kind of people I loathed. But… I guess now I get it. If you have a really awesome dog who needs a little help in the area of being warm, it’s hard not to go overboard. It really is! Please don’t hate us.

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