Randomly random bullets

  • I love my new computer. I never came back to post last weekend about it. I meant to but I was too busy playing with the fastness and uberness that is this computer. Jack beat me to it anyway. His version of how this all went together is mostly accurate. Except the part about my having a lot of stuff. I have one corner in the house with my stuff: My desk, my computer, and the stuff that goes on it. That’s IT. HE on the other hand has a garage full of his junk tools and computer stuff, an entire walk-in closet, PLUS his desk full of his crap stuff. How can he complain about my little corner of the house??
  • I love my new desk too. Here’s a picture of my old desk as it looked in our old house. It was perfect for that house. Here’s the desk I just got over the weekend. Imagine the old one in the this corner covering up most of the window. It sucked. I like my new one much better especially since I can hide my diabetes paraphernalia in the little glass covered sections.
  • A couple months ago the people behind us put their house up for sale. This was awesome because they annoyed us. They had a drum set they let their kids bang on incessantly and very badly. The kids taunted our dogs which made them bark like lunatics and they would talk Cody into pitching his toys over the fence to them. I seriously considered living my dream of getting into real estate flipping right then and there just so I could buy their house and make them move out faster. They are gone now but the house is still up for sale. I wonder why kind of new neighbors we’ll get?
  • I’m seriously behind on laundry and really should be doing that instead of posting this.
  • Technorati sucks. Is there a Technorati for Dummies site somewhere? They index my posts just fine by not my tags. Ever. It stopped about six months ago. Yet, still I try and still I wait for their (seemingly non-existent) support department to get back to me. I know I’m not the only one with this problem… Maybe I should give up on them.
  • Tomorrow is February 1st. How is it even possible that it’s a month into 2008 already?

[tags]technorati sucks,laundry sucks,bad neighbors suck,my computer and desk rock[/tags] (lol) šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Randomly random bullets

  1. I don’t care what you say, you still have a lot of stuff on your desk! (And yes… I have a lot of cra…stuff… in the garage and in my little music room!)

  2. Yes, that’s the 1/4 inch of snow we got briefly on Monday that the school district panicked about and shut down school for the whole day. *insert eye roll*

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