Our dentists love us – thursday thirteen #21

Thursday Thirteen
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It all started in November when our family dentist notified Jack that we were all overdue for our checkups and stuff:

  1. December 3rd: Melissa had her checkup/cleaning appointment
  2. December 10th: Kevin’s checkup/cleaning
  3. December 10th: My checkup/cleaning where I found out I had cavities… the horror!
  4. December 10th: Jack had an appointment for a cavity filling (separate from mine and Kevin’s appointment earlier in the day)
  5. December 12: Casey’s checkup/cleanings
  6. December 12: Cody’s checkup/cleaning
  7. December 17: Melissa had a cavity filled
  8. January 14th: Kevin had orthodontist appointment where he found out he’s still not quite done with the braces
  9. January 23rd: Kevin got a cavity filled
  10. January 23rd: I had a treatment for early stages of periodontal disease. (Yeah I didn’t want to mention that in my Bye Bye Perfect Teeth post. I was already ashamed enough!)
  11. January 28: Kevin had another appointment to have the last cavity filled.
  12. January 29: Kevin had an another orthodontist appointment where he found out he wouldn’t be getting his braces off. (Be happy you weren’t the one driving him home after that appointment.)
  13. January 29: Jack had an appointment to get his last cavity filled (separate time than Kevin’s)
  14. January 30: Melissa had an appointment to get a cavity filled
  15. January 30: Casey had an appointment to get his first ever cavities (tiny ones) filled and sealants applied.
  16. January 30: Cody had an appointment to get sealants put on his teeth. (No cavities)

Ok so that’s 16. Sixteen. Dentists. Appointments. In two months. Most of us are done now though.. Hallelujah! Oh wait. I said most. OK so everyone is done, except me. I still have the periodontal treatments and the cavities to deal with. Can you tell I’m overjoyed? At least I don’t go back till March. And Kevin should be getting his braces off in four weeks. (I’m not holding my breath.)

I think our family dentists have made enough money to book themselves and their staff Vegas rooms after the amount of money we’ve thrown at them this year…. heck, just in the last two months!

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8 thoughts on “Our dentists love us – thursday thirteen #21

  1. Eh I had periodontal in the front lower part ,had laser surgery, it was nothing!

    Nice Thursday List! Come check out some games on my list!

  2. Deb, laser surgery? I’m not sure what they used to start my treatment.. some sort of sonic thing.

    Melanie, I am definitely sick of going to the dentist!

    Nicholas, it totally was. But I’m thankful we’re pretty much done, finally.

    pussreboots, lucky you!

    Cathy, thanks! Lets hope he inherits my teeth and goes without cavities for most of his life.

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