Lions and Tigers and Dentists oh My!

Ok, well maybe not lions and tigers, but at this point I’m more scared of Dentists. We’ve had three dentist appointments this week in our family and that was just by Tuesday.

I’m 1 crown away from having NOTHING wrong with my teeth though! So excited! (Although the weirdest thing happened while I was getting a few cavities drilled out; I fell asleep in the dentist chair three times and started to snore. I could hear myself snoring louder than the dentist drill in my head. It’s definitely been a long week…)

Kevin on the other hand has at least 4 more weeks of braces to go. He’s growing a new tooth in his mouth with no matching tooth on the bottom. Maybe he’s part shark?

Anyway, they’re putting a bracket on it so that it doesn’t grow out of control, which will give him the option of getting an implant to match it later in life if he so decides.

The poor kid was just heartbroken when he found out that yesterday wasn’t to be his Independence Day from braces. (To make things worse, there was another kid there getting his braces out and they had balloons and gifts and party favors…)

Wish him luck.

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