Last time on old computer (for real)

I lied yesterday when I said the next post I write will be from my new computer. This one is being written on my old one still. I also lied that Abdio hosed my search assistant. It hosed a LOT of things… not just the search assistant. I had to reinstall the damn thing to get stuff to work. How can anyone write software that breaks your computer when you uninstall it?? Shouldn’t that be illegal?

And…. who knew it would take us ALL day to find a new desk? I just got a new desk last year.. and it was perfect in our old house. It is not working out well in this house. It takes up too much room and it’s impossible to work around. (It’s a nifty corner desk that I’ll post a picture of later.)

Lets see, we started at Office Depot. Nada. Office Max? Nope. Well, maybe… there was one.. but… no. We decided to head across the river into Portland to check out Ikea. It was on the way to pick up my new computer parts anyway and neither of us had been there before.

While Ikea is an amazing store, their computer desks were just too retro for my tastes. We gave up and got my computer parts, then decided to try… I’m not sure I can even say the word… *takes deep breath* Wal*Mart. Of course they had nothing. Whew! We tried Fred Meyers… nada. So I settled on the one I saw at Office Max. By this time I’d seen every desk known to man (in our price range at least… I don’t need anything fancy and expensive and would much rather put my money into the computer than the desk) and suddenly the one at Office Max seemed just right.

Jack has had the patience of a saint today. What should have been a quick trip turned into an all day ordeal. And I’m sure it wasn’t fun for him. (Except the 20 minutes he got to talk techy stuff with the guys at the computer store). If I had one these corsets I could show him a bit of appreciation later. On second thought, that might be scary.

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5 thoughts on “Last time on old computer (for real)

  1. Know the feeling about searching for something seemingly simple and it turning out to be an all day event. As for the appreciation thought for Jack….awe, come on! Show the guy a little well deserved appreciation there.

    How’s that Jack? Did it work? 😀

  2. Nice try 😉 Appreciate the effort Scott. Things get busy around here though. Desks and computers aren’t the only things falling apart with this many kids running around.

    It was quite the adventure for sure. It’s amazing how much crappy furniture there it in the world.

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