It's not even my birthday

Yesterday I needed to be able to edit a document for work. It was a PDF document and I didn’t have a PDF editor. I downloaded one that I found via Google search and promptly hated it. So I uninstalled it.

The program was Abdio PDF Editor. This piece of crap program screwed up my computer when I uninstalled it. It took with it my search assistant when I uninstalled it. This meant the search function on my computer failed to work until Jack disabled the search assistant. To ensure it was that program, I reinstalled it and guess what? Search worked. I uninstalled it again… (using the custom uninstall option with Jack checking every file to ensure it was only claiming to uninstall its own files) but no luck.. It took my search assistant again. BOOOOO!

There’s a few other minor issues with my computer. It’s been years since I’ve upgraded it (except the video card). I was supposed to upgrade it almost a year ago when we sold our house. In fact the money for it is still in the bank. We just never got around to it and there was always a higher priority. Tomorrow we’re getting the parts and hopefully the next time I post it will be from my shiny new computer!

P.S. My birthday is next month. *hint hint* 🙂 I was looking at watches since none of mine are functional at the moment. Look at this Chopard ladybug watch. Cute in concept… but I wouldn’t wear it.

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