Lastest Movies – Thursday Thirteen #20

Thursday Thirteen

This week’s ‘Thursday Thirteen’ is inspired by the few rare movie posters we have. That and the fact we watched the first four movies on this list just this week (we watch a lot of movies). Here are the last 13 movies I’ve watched:

  1. An American Haunting – Jack and I watched this last night and neither of us can tell you much about this movie. We both kept falling asleep.
  2. Disturbia – Watched two nights ago. I really wanted to like this movie. And it wasn’t horrible… just.. ‘eh’. I love Shia LaBeouf but fear he’s been typecast too much. This could have been a lot better.
  3. 3:10 to Yuma – This looked really promising … but I found myself bored several times. Good story concept and good acting… but boring.
  4. Rush Hour 3 – I was told this was better than Rush Hour 2. I disagree. I liked Rush Hour 3 but it didn’t quite hold up to the first two. Jackie Chan is looking tired.
  5. Monster’s Inc. – I love this movie. We own it on DVD. Cody loves it too… now. He used to hate it and couldn’t get past the beginning with the scary monsters.
  6. I Am Legend – While I really enjoyed this movie (and I adore Will Smith), I thought the ending stunk. It seemed there was a lot of the story that didn’t get told. Maybe I’ll check out the book.
  7. Identity – I liked this movie. I thought it was fun and well done. It was certainly suspenseful.
  8. The Manchurian Candidate – One word for this one: Disappointing. I lied, four more words: Neat concept, poor implementation.
  9. Shrek the Third – They should have stopped at just Shrek. Shrek 2 was so-so and I fell asleep for Shrek 3. I loved the first one though!
  10. Something’s Gotta Give – I kept waiting for this one to get good. It was constantly on the brink… but it was way way too long.
  11. Ray – I was really interested in this story and would have loved to learn more about Ray Charles. And while I think I did learn more about him after watching this movie, I felt it could have been done better.
  12. The Polar Express – A lot of people don’t like this movie. But I love it. So do my kids. It’s become a Christmas Tradition for us to watch this every year at Christmas time.
  13. The Woodsman – This movie was awful. Simply awful. It’s not because of the subject matter, I could handle that. It was stupid and cheesy and given the subject matter, cheesy just doesn’t work.

After reading over this list, I sound picky, don’t I? I guess when you watch as many movies as we do that can happen. You want the WOW effect. I’m sure I missed a few but my brain is mush after a busy week. (Tomorrow’s Friday.. yay!)

What movies have you watched lately?

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11 thoughts on “Lastest Movies – Thursday Thirteen #20

  1. The last 10 movies I watched are: Mr. Woodcock, Suburban Girl, Two Weeks, One Night at McCools, Continental Divide, Resident Evil: Extinction, I am Legend, Deck the Halls, Rush Hour 3, and The Heartbreak Kid. I really liked An American Haunting, I don’t scare easy but it gave me a chill.

  2. I caught Resident Evil: Extinction and AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem. AvPR was too dark but Resident Evil: Extiction was just as good as it’s predecessors.

  3. I saw Identity some years ago but I can’t remember much about it. We actually walked out of Something’s Gotta Give after about 30 minutes.

    The last film I saw was Hollywoodland, which was surprisingly good.

  4. We have seen Resident Evil: Extinction too. I forgot about that one.

    Sweeny Todd is on my list to see.

    I haven’t heard much about Holllywoodland. I’ll have to look into that one.

  5. “8. The Manchurian Candidate – One word for this one: Disappointing. I lied, four more words: Neat concept, poor implementation.”

    The remake is a poor attempt to…uhm, lets say: “modernize” — Yea, I think that’s the word I’ll use — the original `62 version w/ Frank Sinatra, Janet Leigh, Lawrence Harvey etc. etc. (netflix)

    While this is not my chosen era of films, I could certainly stomach the original far easier than I did the remake.

    Kim and I watch a ton of movies as well.

    I should do a similar list up for the recent films we’ve seen. Juno will be one of those “want to see” movies. I’ve heard it’s amazing.

    Also heard that “Cloverfield” is amazing as well. Time will tell, I refuse to go to the theater to see a movie I’m not 100% convinced will rock my socks (with the exception of Beer Fest… We went to see that on a whim, and I loved it. Kim hated it. Said she felt like she lost a few IQ points.

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